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My Journey
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The Marketing Zombie and Play

After 8 months the zombie awoke When your marketing progress feels like a constant unrewarding struggle it’s all too easy for your inner zombie to awake and take you back into the arms of the ...
Information Overload
balance of focus

How is Your Balance?

‘Tis now time to travel once again towards Happiness As I slowly return to my online adventure after 5 months away, I find much of my online landscape has fallen into disrepair and with the ...
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Right Answer Wrong Question

The only problem you face in this brave new digital world is asking the correct questions. “Google it” has become the slang for searching for answers to your questions. All your answers are out there ...
My Journey
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The Best Way to Learn

The answers are out there waiting for your questions! and for me finally the crippling headache has passed. Having spent the last few weeks preparing as best I could for a move to a new ...
stretch your boundaries
I wish I was like

I wish I was like…

There are great thought leaders and inspirational people in any area of interest that many in those areas aspire to be like. Unfortunately you may be missing the most important message that your thought leader ...
core values

How Clear is Your Core?

What is it that makes the difference between those that flourish and those that fail? You are by now all too familiar with the marketing statistic that only 5% will succeed and become full time ...
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Goofing off for Success

Unless you take time to goof off you may never maximize your opportunities. Focusing on your goals is the right approach but in doing so, you may never allow yourself some ‘what if time.’ How ...