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The Dog Never Ate my Posts

I have not posted for a couple of weeks and it’s all because I forgot a very wise lesson, in times of plenty prepare for the famine. When the going is good it is all ...
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Where is Your Passion?

You do not need passion for your niche There is an ongoing discussion regarding the merits of passion in marketing. However whilst passion is good, where you focus it is more important. Having just returned ...
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Managing Your Weekly Schedule

I do not like paperwork. Having lived in other people’s spare bedrooms for several years as a contractor, I learned to travel light and compact. However with paperwork based planning systems, you would be surprised ...
My Journey
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Facing Your Fears

You’ll look like an idiot For this week’s task in the Quick Start Challenge, I had to face that very fear. I had to record a video with me in front of the camera. I ...
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You Dirty Old Dog

The Internet is a dirty place and only a fool attempts to give it a clean. As you progress on your online adventure you learn as you go and that leads to many experiments that ...
My Journey
Saudi Waste Land

My Walk into the Desert

With no way back I ventured into the Desert. Being busy and unsuccessful really sucks and then when the contract you are relying upon to fund your misguided online adventures starts to fail to cover ...
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Cold Callers

‘Avon’ Calling

I hated selling to friends. Although I was for a time a Kleeneze agent and not one of Avon’s army, the awkwardness of selling to friends and family was just I imagine the same. However, ...
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Value Added Service

In February this year I finally got to return to the UK after 6 months of living without all that I hold dear. On the journey home, I became painfully aware of the disparity between ...
My Journey

We may all sit out the war

That is of course your option, just as it was for those involved in The Great Escape during WWII. With hindsight that would have been a sensible idea however just as then none of us ...