Your opinion doesn’t matter

I learned this the hard way.

computer frustration

Most downloadable information is delivered in PDF format.

Now whilst this won’t matter for most of what you produce, it will matter when you come to create documents your audience can use.

However when you want to create a document your audience can use rather than just read you need to use an alternative format and this is where your opinion really doesn’t matter.

I don’t like the Microsoft Office Suite, it’s not intuitive and everything is so much more difficult than it should be. I found myself having to search for advice on how to do what are simple tasks in the Libre Office Suite.

And yet even though I think Libre Office is the better package it doesn’t matter.

Now this is where this sucks.

I will continue to use Libre Office for most of my work, as it is free and far easier to use. Microsoft Office which is priced at $99 per year will be used only when I am creating online documents.

This is $99 I would rather not spend however this is the cost of ensuring you can provide content in the format your audience is setup to use.

Now I know you maybe thinking, but you can save Libre documents in all of the Office formats, yes you can and this works fine for simple documents.

I am creating my new solution “Your Six-Step Guide to Self-Esteem Building” which contains multiple tables and multiple fonts. I found going from Libre to Word messed up all the table sizes and line spacings.

So regardless of our opinion and what we think is best, we have to give our audience what they want in the format they want.