Your Marketing Funnel is Everywhere

marketingfunnel_dreamtimeWhen you mention marketing funnels what most often springs to mind is the sales funnel.

Yet it does not have to be this limited

Your marketing funnel is present in everything you do online and this was a lesson I learned when I visited the blog of Barry Wells, he did not have a tweet button at the top of the post, all his social links were at the bottom of the post.

When you visit Barry’s site and read one of his great posts this positioning actually makes using these social links natural. You have just enjoyed reading his post, which is most often the case, and you want to leave a comment but before you do, how about sharing it with your friends.

Did that sound familiar?

Thank you for your subscription and how about these additional resources to make the ebook solution even more effective for you.

You have just provided valuable content to your visitor and are giving them the opportunity to receive further benefits, whether that be as an information portal for their friends of further gifts via your email marketing funnel.

Your marketing funnel is not about the sale, it is about how people move around your world. If by the 6th level of upsell / downsell (some actually do have this many!) your new subscriber has decided your ebook is not worth the hassle then you have lost them today and tomorrow it will be a lot harder to engage with them.

On your blog, you provide great content but is it right to expect your visitor to recommend your content before they have read it, or have them scroll back to the top of the page after reading to pass on your information.

I think not and that is why I have followed Barry and started to use the Shareaholic plugin on this blog, it is highly customisable and allowed me to remove my other social media plugins, the sidebar social bar, the top tweet button and the bottom Facebook like button.

Reducing the number of plugins that have external links and feeds can only help with your site load time which can only be  a good thing for your visitors experience.

How was it for you today?