Your Next Big Marketing Advantage

Your AcesWe are all on the lookout for the next big marketing advantage but perhaps we should look a little closer to home

If you have not yet read “The Go-Giver” by J. Mann and B. Burg then I recommend you do.

Despite this being a work of fiction it delivers a powerful home truth for those looking to be successful. However this is not another review of this book, rather I wanted to test the relevance of those 5 laws.

So are those 5 laws just fiction or are those principles supported in non-fiction guides to business and life success?

Since developing my Kindle extraction process which you can read about here, I have re-read several books on personal success.

  • The Slight Edge
  • The Happiness Advantage
  • Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Each of these books contained their own principles and required actions for success but did any of these align with the 5 laws?

Well in fact they did and the most surprising fact was that most of them aligned with what sounds like the most insignificant of the laws.

The Law of Authenticity
The most important gift you have to give is yourself.

That perhaps reads and sounds like a ‘well yeah thanks for that!’ but its true meaning is far more significant as those 3 other books indicate.

In “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”, Harv Eker highlights the one limiting factor for your success, the clue is in the title of the book.

Until you believe you can, you won’t.

You won’t be in a position to help others until you believe you can, until you believe in what you have to offer which of course is yourself.

Or rather the biggest and most powerful version of yourself that lies hidden within, restrained by the false perception of your limits.

In Shawn Achor’s, “Happiness Advantage”, Tetris becomes more than just an irritating game to while away hours in front of the computer.

Rather when you focus on daily positives rather than all the negatives pushed towards each of us by every news and media channel, new and larger positives will enter your life.

You will become that accidentally successful person, or at least that’s how it will appear to those looking on.

The fifth principle in Jeff Olson’s “The Slight Edge” further reinforces this.

For when you:

Have faith and a burning desire

Both those you hope to assist and the universe will conspire to help make this your reality.

Helping others will become easy because you have allowed it to become so by offering to others a bigger and better you.

And thus you have become your own next big marketing advantage.