Writing Need Not Remain a Childhood Memory

Pretty much anyone of my age and perhaps 20 years younger will have been encouraged or even compelled to do creative writing at school. This, once you accepted the challenge was often a source of fun and enjoyment as you let your mind wander and create new worlds where you could become the master of someone’s destiny.

godzillaOccasionally your vivid imagination was even appreciated by your teacher.

I set a lower age limit for this enjoyment of writing as sadly the academics have invaded the classrooms and applied science to the process of teaching. The result was all too predictable, common sense along with basic literacy skills have left the building and a generation never got to enjoy exploring their imagination during school time.

Now the one problem with being an adult is that life is often a long series of deadlines and thus creative writing cannot really be afforded the time it deserves. However it is true that a lot of fiction has a grain of truth as its basis and thus you can rekindle your joy or writing and yet not have to spend time creating imaginary worlds. Although this has paid off rather well for one lady recently.

There are many sites like Wikinut that allow you to take a subject and let your mind explore the subject from what ever angle it decides to take, the only proviso is that the end result should be informative in some way. The plus point about Wikinut is that each article is moderated just like your teacher used to do and you can quickly attract the attention of professional writers who are very helpful in their supportive comments.

Thus if you have the desire to begin writing again, I suggest that you consider Wikinut to recommence your love of writing.