You Never Listen

were you listeningI guess we are all guilty of this from time to time and if you have a partner, I am sure like me this has been said more than once!

Of course its not that we do not care about what others are saying its just that we have so much noise inside our head that we cannot hear all the details.
Honestly we really we were listening its just that our minds spotted something more shiny whilst your were in full flow, this is not an excuse I recommend using with your partner however it is all too often the reality of the situation.

My last post, Closed for Stock taking, was all about finding yourself a quiet spot so you could understand where you are and the direction you are headed. All too often we get caught in the now and end up somewhere totally unexpected and undesired! By giving yourself time to think and listen to others, especially the members of your mastermind group, you will be able to see what is truly important to your goals.

I have invested far too much time and cash in mentoring, perhaps because I did not understand what mentoring mentor

When you seek out a mentor, you should already be pretty clear about what it is you wish to achieve, a mentor is not a teacher rather they are an advisor, a devils advocate and perhaps a pain in the neck! They are not there to be your best friend but should be by your side ensuring you stick to your path which will be one that they have experience and an understanding of.

Thus when you are starting out the worst investment you can make is on a mentor.

Blogging for many is simply a way of getting traffic back to their sites, yet despite all my investments in mentoring, blogging has been my primary source of knowledge, no Internet Marketing mentor taught me how to track correctly that was not their job, this essential skill was made clear to me by amongst others, Adrienne Smith and Dan Razumoff.

With all this tranquility it became clear that I should return to my passion, another mistake that many make online.

Your passion should never direct you to a specific audience, if you focus on helping people with this shared passion then your target audience is limited and you will eventually make yourself obsolete. Instead, as you enjoy the peace, consider how your passion can be used to help others regardless of their passions, for me it has always been about editing media.

That of course creates a problem as I need media to edit, which means for the most part I have to do the creating and this is what really brings me to the title of this post. As a video marketer, there is a video playing solution I had dismissed until this period of reflection, this is not the start of a promo by the way!

I think it was a message from Paul Myers that brought it home to me, you and me both need to become experts.

Its alright if you are squirming at this point because I did the same until I realised that an expert is not the same as being the best, an expert is quite simply a person who knows their topics better than most, the topics you select will come from being clear about the skills that form the basis of your passion.

As I said, my passion is media editing which of course means I need to increase my expertise in recording tools, editing software and methods of presenting my finished creations. This in practice means, my video camera, Sony Vegas, Camtasia, Audacity and Youtube plus a media player for my sites.

When it comes to playing media on your sites, you could just use YouTube but this passes control of your life into the hands of an uncaring partner.if you take a look at this former post, you will see that the video no longer exists. By listening to your mastermind group plus other bloggers and taking action on their advice,  no matter how late, you will be able to identify the tools that are worth becoming an expert in.

Thus this weekend I finally purchased Easy Video Player (EVP), a tool that I had dismissed for far too long, using the affiliate link of fellow blogger Nikki Stephens, this is a good tip to remember, always buy through friends affiliate links where you can! Below you can see the EVP version of my Twitter Follow Friday video and the ending of the YouTube version.


Over time I have experimented with plain flowplayer, WP Flowplayer,  JW player and many others but the clincher for me was not the overlay features but the Tracking system built into the management system, this provides a central portal to monitor each and every video you present using EVP, my expertise can now increase as I can focus solely on one video player solution, rather than being master of none.

Apologies for the rather long and rambling post, but its important to accept that the path you envisioned to your goals will in reality always have some detours and back tracking along they way, clarity of purpose may not come on day one but it will come eventually if you keep listening to yourself and those around you.

What core skills are you looking to focus on in your online journey?