Writing for Profit

I have been writing on Ezinearticles for nearly a year now and during this time my dedication to the cause has often not been as strong as it should have been. This is a shame as it is only really the last 4 months in which I have got serious about my writing that I have started to see the benefits that improving a skill can bring.

In fact I have Matt Bacak to thank for this as he had a template that encouraged me to expand the exposure of my article writing into other areas. The result of this was that I now write on Wikinut and Squidoo, both of which reward the content provider for the amount of traffic that their efforts bring to these sites. This is not going to make me fabulously wealthy but it is great for the mind to see that you are generating money and followers from your efforts.

Now as they say, one thing leads to another and one of the professional writers that I follow on Wikinut, Jerry Walch, suggested that I look to the more serious writing sites, two in particular caught my eye and I applied to them both. Unfortunately, one declined my application and the other BrightHub accepted me into their fold. The great thing is that I cannot even remember the name of the one that turned me down, in the old days this would have been a reason to beat myself up emotionally.

Once inside, I realised that they really do take care of you but the one piece of information that I want to share with you is the use of images. They are of course very hot on copyright and correctly referencing your sources, which is where it can get a little complicated if you already have a photo stock and are not doing the following.

I get almost all of my images from a fantastic site called sxc they have a range of license types on their site from no referencing to permission and referencing required. This has not been a problem in the past, as I always managed to find images that the creator was happy to provide for nothing in return. It has only been since working through the Brighthub terms and conditions, that I have realised that I have been missing a trick with these images.

The professional writing sites, insist that any image you use should be referenced with the site, username details and perferably have the image linked to their profile as well. This of course causes a problem when you have not been recording these details. They also recommend that you inform each image provider where you are using their images, even when there is no requirement for you to do this. At first I thought that this was a complete waste of time but now I realise that this is a fantastic opportunity to build a great working relationship with artists who could eventually provide images on demand.

The solution to this is actually very easy, all that you need to do when saving an image is use the following naming convention.

image name_sitename_username

This will allow you to rapidly find images by their name and when it comes time to use them, you can quickly inform the creator about your intentions. This will of course allow them to build their portfolio of customers and you get to work with some great artists and photographers.

Truly a win-win situation.