Writers Websites

photodune AnmfotoIf you want to be a millionaire then you should hang around those have already made their six figure fortune. They obviously have developed a system to achieve this success and the question is whether the people that you choose to hang around are interested in helping others or are purely in it for themselves.

There is no point hanging around millionaires if you are merely their bell boy.

With writing of course the same applies, although I do not know of many freelance writers who are millionaires there are plenty who are prepared to help others with their writing.

If you accept that you have weaknesses then you can improve these areas and develop a skill set that is based upon a broad foundation, which will allow you to explore a greater range of opportunities in the future.

I knew that my grammar was not the strongest, thus I purchased a book on this subject, it seemed like a great idea, however for the same reason that maths is not one of my favourite subjects this book quickly became redundant. The problem with learning a topic from its theoretical foundations is that it is of very little use to your practical problems, the dryness of the pure topic soon makes the learning experience unbearable.

Of course the solution is to learn as you progress and the first site that  I would recommend for all writers is DailyWritingTips.com, here you will get practical examples and discussion on common problems that face writers of all levels. The most recent problem to be tackled was just exactly what counts as irony.

The other key website that I can definitely recommend is writing.com, this is a writers forum that will allow you to meet and interact with writers of all skill levels and of course the beauty of this is that you can then venture out from here into the specialist writing sites that match your desired areas of activity.

If you start with these 2 websites then you will be able to rapidly improve and expand your writing skills and network of writing friends.

After all, it is not what you know but who you know.