You Need to Work Smarter Not Harder

work smarter not harderYou want to make money online but you have a day job and there’s not got enough hours in the day for you to reduce the size of your to do list, solution. You need to work smarter not harder!

Until you start working on your business and not in your business all you are doing is creating a second job for yourself! A job which shows no mercy because you are both the boss and the employee.

You only have so many hours each month to get work done.

Which means you have a choice with your online adventure, to accept your journey is going to have to fit into the hours you have which means making slower progress or to get outside help which is going to cost.



Lets say you get paid, $4000 per month and you sleep on average for 6 hours per night

Lets do some maths with those figures.

On average in each month you have,

30 * 24 = 720 hours

minus your sleep,

30 * 6 = 180 hours

max possible productive hours per month

540 hours

which means your hourly rate from your job is


(not sure how I got $7.71 in the video, this is a topic I am going to cover next week!)

As the Internet unlike a brick and mortar business is open 24/7, perhaps you could give up on sleep! Perhaps in the short term but not likely for the long term. So you accept you gotta sleep, despite the fact your online store is open 24/7.

This means your hourly rate has dropped as you are now unproductive for 6 hours each day.

Your Internet hourly rate is now


And yes, I know about automated sales funnels and automated social content publication which means you have stuff going on whilst you are sleeping. However if you are not working on your business whilst you sleep, I can bet your competitors have people working on their to do list whilst they rest.

The successful are successful because they work smarter not harder than you and me.

So now we know the cost of our time by hour.

You accept for now the income you receive from your job which is the primary funding source for your entire lifestyle and so this is the true value you place on your time. You are seeking a better life via your online adventure but for now this is how it is.

If you want to wind up your kids / partner, you could always jokingly start charging them for your time, this would give you more free time….I am divorced, in case you were wondering 🙂  However if you want to make faster progress without destroying the life you have, then you should seek outside help.

Always outsource when the cost of getting the task done is less than you would charge yourself to do the task.

Also do no not forget to factor in learning time to your cost, you have a certain skill set and you should focus on this. Accept perhaps your drawing of a cat is always going to look like a shoe and live with it! There are skilled artists who can do your graphics work for you.

They are successful because they work with their skill sets, not with the ones they lack.

As our example hourly rate is around the $5 mark the most obvious place to get outside help from is which is called fiverr for a reason.

Each gig starts at $5 however with upsells and added features you are likely to pay around $20 for a fully featured gig.

But as your sleep costs you about $30 per day, if you outsource you are actually saving $10 in recouped productivity from what was formerly unproductive time.

If Fiverr does not rock your boat, you could try and

Whichever option you choose be sure to make the most of the time you have by working smarter not harder.