I wish I was like…

I wish I was likeThere are great thought leaders and inspirational people in any area of interest that many in those areas aspire to be like.

Unfortunately you may be missing the most important message that your thought leader shares on a regular basis.

Now I am not that bothered about going deep into SEO black hattery but Andrew Hansen is a person I always listen to when it comes to increasing our search engine love.

Over the weekend he aired the repeat of a webinar with Alex Becker and Alex started with a very great statement that is tied to the opening of this post.

You are held back by the understanding you lack, not by who you are

What does this mean?

Well if you want to be more like for instance Brendon Burchard or Oprah Winfrey then you need to do as they did and devote your time to increasing your understanding and mastery of your specialist subject

And that of course is the problem especially as the warmer weather approaches.

You say you wish you were like…

But are you prepared to skip the sunshine and the beach trips to follow in their steps?

By doing so you can replicate the effective steps they took and that is why I love that statement because who you are or where you came from are no longer valid excuses.

Its only your dedication to actually becoming like that person that truly matters.