You will never be Successful in Business

congratulations on your successIf I could show you how to increase your chances of being successful in business would you be interested?

My ex-wife said, I would never be successful and she was correct. The igor she knew stood very little chance of being successful.

However today my chances are massively increased and I apportion no blame to her for the delay.

We all start life pretty useless but over time with the love and care of those around us we become competent in the basics of life.

Then we discover Internet marketing and become pretty useless all over again.

However once you have passed through the shiny object phase you understand that once again, you need to find people to care for and nurture you in the art of business.

Those more successful than you for the most part are not smarter they are just more travelled.

They have Absorbed more, Engaged more and Implemented more

In short they have transformed themselves into the successful person you see today.

The key factor for them and you is as you probably guessed implementation

Learn a little and implement a lot more.

This is why I have little admiration for the common phrase “knowledge is power”.

The application of knowledge and learning from that application is where your power to influence others will come from. And once you can influence others you will find how to get success in life

Study, engage and implement the lessons you learn from those who have tread the path you wish to follow.

The person you are today will not be the person you are tomorrow if you use your time wisely to educate yourself through studied action. Action in which you are present rather than activities in which you are just going through the motions of.

However you cannot be great at everything.

As you consciously implement, be mindful of the activities that produce your desired results in ways that resonate with you.

These are the few activities you should focus on, outsourcing all else to those who find resonance in these activities.

By following what has been described above you will start to see rapid progress towards your goals. Plus your marketing will become more fun and more effective and thus you will be more successful in business