Why Increased Readership Maybe a Bad Idea

I used to have a translate bar on this blog but it became clear very quickly that this was creating its own problems, remember you do not have to be a victim.

You have the freedom to choose who you engage with and who your target prospect is.

If your content is solely in your native language and Google Analytics indicates that a large proportion of your audience is from France then you are attracting French residents who are happy to read your content in your native tongue.

This does not mean you should switch your content over to their language, as you and I both know, audiences are fleeting and trying to please everyone is a recipe for disaster.

Set your editorial guidelines and always stick to them, you could of course invite guest posts from French writers but that should never become the majority of your content for the reasons I mentioned in the video.

This of course is my take on content translation and I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.