Why I am not a blogger

I am not a bloggerI am not a blogger but I do follow their guidelines to effective writing

I have wanted to write this post for a while however I have always hesitated as I was caught up in developing this site as recommended by the blogging community.

For me bloggers are those looking to make an income directly from their blog, whether this is from embedded links in the content or from sidebar ads.

This was never the reason for me starting this site.

I started this site to record my journey online, including the many twists,turns, walk-aways and of course the successes which hopefully all contribute to the creation of an alternative income source.

I have seen many friends abandon their blogs, just as I have done for the last 6 months and ultimately their online dreams begin to fade and whither into nothing. With no back up plan and with my current work being in an unstable country, I cannot allow this to become my story.

You need to make a decision.

Either you are a blogger or you are not, either your site is your prime focus or it is a vehicle to record your journey and to assist in your marketing strategies.

Either way you need to take regular action so you have experience and progress to write about!

One of the biggest advantages of maintaining a content rich site is for business advertising on Facebook.

Facebook cannot tell the fake from the genuine so they refuse all business opportunity advertising and may ban the account of the ad creator. This is where a thing called a bridge page comes into play.

A bridge page is simply a page containing no income or performance claims which then leads to the offer you are actually promoting.

Facebook automation will check your ad and for the most part just the first link from your ad which will be your bridge page. Unless your ad is being checked manually then this should be enough to keep your Facebook account safe, should be!

This is where your site comes into play

My business advisor, Phil Carrick, a member of the MyDotComBusiness business opportunity franchise recommends writing content explaining what your offer is about without all the usual hype contained on a sales page. Writing in this way makes your content ideal for use as a bridge page.

However you cannot just create content about your business opportunities.

Thankfully business success is simple, generate more income than it costs you to source and advertise your solution.

Of course the devil is in the detail and this is where your content will come from.

  • How do you create your adverts
  • Which platforms do you use (why and how)
  • How have these changed
  • And of course what are you doing with your income!

Ultimately you and I would rather be doing something else than working however we need money to pay for the fun stuff so we work, the trick is to do work you enjoy doing.

Which is why I am not a blogger.