Why Do You Blog?

roadtosomewhere_webHaving created my first membership site which has the lofty intention of helping others to clarify their life goals and define a path towards them, I have taken a close look at myself from the perspective of my students.

I did not score very well!

The first point to note is your blog, I advise them to find blogs that are specific in their nature and match their knowledge requirements.

Do you have a goal for your blog or is it all about working towards becoming a full time blogger whatever that may mean to you.

When I read the work schedule of a pro blogger I knew I was following the wrong path, the time they take to write such high quality posts means there would be no time for my primary tasks.

Blogging is not my core business purpose rather it is a way to develop my business by making connections with like minded people, as a personal base camp to launch ourselves online, there is no better way that is totally under our control.

However when the base camp becomes a distraction from your goals then it maybe time to look again at your priorities.

Is this a letter of blogging resignation?

Far from it, rather it’s an indication that I intend to be one of my own best students!

Ever since I was a kid, my focus has been on media manipulation, whether working with double tape decks or the careful recording of music videos using a VCR (ask your parents!) Therefore this is what I should be focused primarily upon in this blog, if I want to attract people who can help me develop in this area and those that share this passion.

Thus I will focus on what I should be focusing on and I recommend you do likewise.

By focusing on what you desire to become you are more likely to become what you desire.

Are you clear enough on what you want from your blog?