Who Needs Who

SOPA against marketing with passionWith the anti-SOPA campaign gathering pace at last, I watched one video presentation about this that pretty much summed up the way America works,

They started by describing the ridiculous scope of this legislation which if you have not read reaches right done to gagging you from mentioning any media companies products that are released or planned!

The reasoning behind this is that if you are able to derive any form of commercial advantage from using this planned product, ie more traffic, then you have stolen this advantage from the copyright holder! Well a slap on the wrist and back to business is not really that bad, oh really, could you afford a $5million fine, 20 years in jail and of course extradition to the US?

That is by the way just for your first offence, the penalties ramp up for serial offenders which means you are going to have to channel your marketing passion very carefully if this legislation is passed.

Okay so you are not in the US, well before you light the cigar and sip your brandy, this legislation has you in its sights. They have specifically mentioned all the continents but they take that one step further and state that any country which does not play ball will have action taken against it!

Now returning  to the video presentation, it ended by turning this concern on its head by stating that the legislation will never be passed as it is part of the US political establishments standard brinkmanship. This is used to reign in organisations that do their own thing without paying kickbacks to the political establishment.

Thus as the title suggests who needs who?

Does Google, Amazon or Facebook actually need the US cronies in their pocket after all they all have international bases and could if the need required just up an leave the anti-freedom country that America is rapidly becoming, there is perhaps a good reason why Facebook is developing a server farm in Scandanavia.

I raised this point of concern when choosing where to register your domain names in my first guide on Starting an Online Business and this advice has come home to roost. All of my domains are registered in the UK and if the US continues this anti-freedom campaign, I will have no option but to move the hosting to the UK as well.

Interestingly at the weekend I was talking with Randy Smith about this and he pointed out one very good reason why you may not have heard about SOPA and other anti-competitive legislation. All the major western news organisations are owned by Media corporations such as Time Warner and News Corporation.

Once again we in the UK with the independent BBC do not suffer from this same filtering of news, well put that thought on hold. The UK intelligence agencies have always ensured that the UK media organisations do nothing to upset our international partners no matter what the actual truth is. This of course is the same in all of the ‘free thinking’ countries which is why those countries hostile  to the US and thus free from their domination are great places to get the true world view from.

Okay so where am I going with this.

In your life and your business you need to consider what the motivations of those that provide you with advice are. You should appreciate the difference between the mentor whose training is designed to overwhelm and confuse in the hope you pay the upgrade to get a clearer explanation and those that want to see you develop a life you can be proud of.

There are plenty of honest marketers about but I cannot recommend any to you because until you know what your perfect day looks like you will be unable to determine the best mentor to make this a reality.

Which of course leads me full circle as mentors and students, who needs who?