Who is J

whoisJHaving read a book about the history of the Falkland Islands from discovery to the 1900s. The one thing that struck me was the length of time it took to get a message between countries, a period of several weeks was not unusual. When it did arrive they could not be sure what version of the message would be given as the ambassadors were always looking to further their own careers,  thus the messages were tailored to enhance their own reputation, never mind what their King had actually said.

Of course the time taken to receive communications has reduced to nearly instantaneous and thus the validation of messages can be checked before the messenger leaves the room. A hearty clip round the ear will ensure they tell the correct version next time!

Unfortunately for small business owners the amount of communication being received can be overwhelming. Therefore you need to create a system that works for you and stick with it. I now have almost finished migrating to a new set of email accounts, where each one is for a specific business task, be it mentoring, business friends, personal friends or email list junk.

This system is beginning to pay dividends in reducing the time spent on distractions, then I got a message through the post, from a person called ‘J’, this letter ripped my system apart. I have a fair idea who they are, however as they did not say anything other than what  is on the post-it note, I will never be certain of their true identity. Thus I sat on this clipping for a while and only took action today as this is the last week at my current location, and  I really need to sort out the inbox mountain and reduce the clutter that I am taking to my next location.

This is an article about a Business mans nearly free offer to UK businesses, which consists 6 disks, I have sent for them. You are of course enrolled straight into his continuity program which is free for the first month then as you had to pay under £5 for the delivery costs he already has your payment details for the following period.

I cannot vouch for any of the material as of yet, but I really needed to do something with that newspaper cutting and as taking action is the first part of success then I have achieved that. The second part, staying focused, means that I will cancel this continuity program as I have already got more than enough going on with Alex, Glen and the final week of my 80 hour contract, I go down to a more normal 40 hour week very soon, so will be able to fit in all of the other stuff like sleeping and eating as well.

Whatever your routine, creating realistic systems and processes that work for you is the most important thing that you can do for your business. You can take any ‘perfect’ business model and adjust it to your needs, just do not try and follow their system to the letter as it most likely will not work for you.

As a final thought if you are J then drop us a line and let us know how you are getting on

Oh and the outcome of the book was that Spain had ownership of the Falkland Islands, but abandoned it as they had enough on their plate with the Americas and English Buccaneers. Thus the English took over and settled on the islands, Argentina as a Spanish colony is using this relationship as the foundation of its claim.

Final thought, I hate Photoshop as I am artistically inept and the tutorials never work for me, so I know I could have animated this myself but I found this site that did the work for me..Glickr