Where is Your Passion?

featured-stretch-your-boundariesYou do not need passion for your niche

There is an ongoing discussion regarding the merits of passion in marketing. However whilst passion is good, where you focus it is more important.

Having just returned from a holiday with my teenage kids which involved a lot of time awaiting their return from the land of the dead and separation from their beds, I used this time to re-read a great little story called “The Go Giver.”

It is a fictional tale in which a stressed out salesman learns through application the 5 laws of stratospheric success.

There are 2 laws I want to mention here.

  • Your Income is Determined by How Many People You Serve and How Well You Serve Them.
  • Your Influence is Determined by How Abundantly You Place Other People’s Interests First.

The problem with being a part-time marketer is that we have a day job to deal with before we attend to our online activities that many of us aspire to transform into our day job.

Thus we feel there is little time to improve how well we serve others as we are so busy attempting to simply increase the number of people we serve.

However is that really the case?

Having watched an interview with Max Verstappen a 17-year-old Formula 1 driver who apparently has no interests outside of driving, it reminded me to take stock on what I actually do with my spare time.

You would not be impressed with what I uncovered.

I have managed to get quite far in a cellphone game called Hill Climb, I did have a nice collection of vehicles and a healthy virtual bank balance. Things were not any better on my tablet there being 3 games that provided a means for me to unproductively spend my time.

This actually goes in cycles, I play some games, realize they are a waste of time then delete them, refocus on only what moves me forwards, until the time arrives when I install a new distraction avenue.

The trick of course is to put and end to this cycle and do as Max does and focus solely on what you have declared you want to achieve.

Which of course is what that 2nd law above is all about.

When we come home from work, we may not feel like doing any marketing so we goof off with a cellphone game or vegetate in front of the screen, TV or YouTube it’s all the same.

However there is always something else we can do to help others, if we do not feel like doing what we have scheduled.

The best strategy to ensure we remain focussed is to change our mindset from this online stuff being work to considering it as us making ourself a better servant to those we wish to assist.

Whether it is consuming information that improves our ability to assist, sharing what we know or simply listening to those around us, that last one by the way is another of the 5 laws of success.

If you want to uncover them all I really do recommend you read “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann.

As the advert states, “…you can find it in all good book stores….”