Where are You Heading on Facebook

Well this was not a planned post but the reason that drove me to create this has been bothering me for some time, I also know it has been of concern to many others.

At the moment, I am using the advice in Alex Jeffrey’s Guru’s Dream book, the supporting videos and links to reshape my business, I realised on Thursday night that the path I was following was not one a businessman would ever take and this is the problem for many of us.

We break the most fundamental rules of business when we run our Internet marketing businesses but I will leave it there as there is a lot more to come on this in the very near future.

The following image will most definitely drive you into one camp or the other, lets see where you end up

FacebookAppInsanitywebYou may have already recognised this image, it does feature quite heavily on the most popular social site, which is of course Facebook.

I have deliberately masked the app details because it is not an issue with the app but merely the access that you give this app.

Remember you and I are on Facebook as professional people and with this we need to protect our image and reputation, so lets consider the implications of this request.

Access my basic  information, sounds fair enough all they want is the information that I already provide publicly but then this is an unknown company I am dealing with and you are my friends.

Anywhere else passing on a list of friends to an unknown person would be frowned upon but on Facebook because it is just fun we let our guard down.

Send me email, well this will be the FTC compliance part, by giving permission you have allowed the owners of this app into your life, yet you still do not know anything about them or their motives. I get more than enough email dross at the moment thus asking for more is just insane.

Post to My Wall, is self explanatory in fact I think I am going to have a purge of all ‘ville friends, I am tired of having to wade through my wall to find the real updates from you and all my other friends.

The last 4 are truly scary, access all of my data at any time and for any use that they deem fit. Remember we are both marketers and this really should seal the deal. There is no way I am giving permission to any future apps unless I know the owner or have good reason to believe in their ethical standing.

Facebook has plenty of good uses but you need to decide upon your image and reputation, when using this and any other social media site, it is all to easy to go with the flow and end up in a totally undesirable location.

Do you know where you are heading on Facebook?