What’s Your Story?

meerkat-pack-web_sxc_GermanGirlOne of the most interesting advertising battles last year was between Go Compare and Compare the market. Both are insurance comparison site and thus derive their income from affiliate commissions therefore the ability to attract new customers and hold onto existing ones is vital to their success.

Sound familiar?

They are certainly bigger than me and most likely unfortunately bigger than you, yet they are in the same game as both of us.

Promoting solutions for reward.

Both companies used personality marketing to great effect in their advertising campaigns, with Go Compare using their male tenor to create an initially humorous touch to their advertising. Compare the market took this one step further and to my mind show us how to do relationship marketing for the long term.

opera-singer-male-web_ukphotosI certainly didn’t.

After trawling the Internet, apparently his name is Gio Compario which leaves me even colder than before. I would have preferred a name like Brian or Gino, something real that I could relate to.

If we compare this to the Compare the market campaign,  we have not just one character but an ever expanding family, you can see them here.

We have been gradually introduced to this family just as we would be in real life thus our interest in these fictional characters feels perfectly natural. Each has its own personality and history which we love to discover and Compare the Market can use to keep us engaged with the brand.

Do you have a favorite moment from their marketing campaign?

Mine would be Sergei snuggling up to the man in the bed, as Aleksandr discusses insurance with him.

The point for you and me is that we are a social species and we love to hear others peoples stories regardless of how mundane.

In fact it is the mundane that makes us more real and I guess why so many are hooked on reality shows, confirmation that the great and good are in fact fallible and human after all.

However for us in our online marketing the take away point from the Compare the market campaign and the reason why the Go Compare market was doomed to failure, is this.

Even after a year I still know very little about Gio, I had to search for his name, where as the meerkats have a place in my heart and most definitely brighten my day.

What do your readers and subscribers know about you?