What does a Marketer Need?

featured-market-research_sxc_lockstockbOnly these 3 items…

It is your task and your pleasure as a marketer to promote solutions whether they are yours or another vendors.

Thus the first item a marketer needs is a solution worth promoting.

To direct someone towards a solution you need an address to send them to and this is where the second item comes into play.

The solution you are promoting needs to be available whether via a high street store or a web page.

Sounds obvious right but far too many failing marketers are stunned into silence when you ask them what they have available to promote.

Finally we come to the third item and this is where it all comes together.

You need potential customers to take a look at the solution you are promoting.

This is where it really matters that you were discerning in your choice of solution to promote.

Sell me a turkey once, OK you got me
Twice, I have my doubts
Thrice, I think not!

And this is why when a marketer is able to make a living using these 3 items you should take a look.
And yes I am an affiliate of Mr James Jordan but I am also learning much from how he uses these 3 items we have talked about and I recommend you study how he does so…

James Jordan’s profitable 3 items