What business are you in?

Service CallOnce you understand what industry you are in, your fortunes and position in your industry will be transformed.

Like you I am interested in making money online but its all too easy to forget what that actually means.

All too often we get overwhelmed by our daily routine and lose sight of what should be the main focus of this daily routine.

Thankfully one of your traits, which is evident because you are seeking to create an additional or even alternative income source is that you are prepared to break from the norm.

You have an open mind when it comes to considering other possibilities.

Now I am not sure who first pointed me in the direction of this book, I think it may have been the author of ‘The Slight Edge’ but anyway what matters is that because you have an open mind, this book will make a strong impression on you.

The book I am talking about is called ‘The Go-Giver’

This story takes you through a week in the life of a struggling salesman, who in desperation decides to explore another possibility.

In this he finally discovers what industry he is in and hence becomes successful beyond his wildest dreams.

And this is the discovery you need to make.

After all we started the journey in this post by stating we were in the industry of making money online.

Yet after reading ‘The Go-Giver’, you will understand that this is not the industry both you and I  are actually in.

Once you realise this then the 5 laws of stratospheric success that this book reveals will start to make sense. Although your mind will fight these for a while because they go against all that you have most likely been taught elsewhere.

I now read these 5 laws after I get up every day, for these laws benefit every aspect of your life.

By coloring every decision you make with these 5 laws, your relationship with your community and your loved ones will be transformed

No more will you hold back from communicating because you have nothing to promote, you will look forward to providing information with little consideration for its earning potential.

You no longer have to chase the money because it will chase you, once you adopt this new outlook that is.

The laws revealed in this book will help you to rebalance your relationships whether they are business or personal but only if you are, as I suspect you are, open to the ideas the authors share via this great story.

This book is available from Amazon, Click here to take a look.

If you have already read it I would live to hear your thoughts on it.