What a week for Progress!

sleeping-dog_sxc_jaimoWith so much to do and so little time, what’s a marketer to do?

Seth Godin in one of his posts, said recently I do not have enough time for my work because of my job.

We all know we are supposed to work on our business not in it but that of course is easier said than done when the business is just starting and only has our job income to finance our work.

So you work in your business at night and in your day job during office hours.

This was my routine and my to do list was getting every longer.

I needed to take the plunge and have a working holiday which is exactly what I did last week. An entire week off work, devoted entirely to getting projects progressed and tasks completed.

Normally my average hours are 42 per week but even I was shocked when I looked at the time recording from Rescue time, which you can see below.


But it is easy to work hard the trick is to be productive during your limited hours, so what did I achieve last week?


I had been thinking about doing this for ages but kept putting it off as I did not have the time. Big wake up call, it only takes 5 minutes to setup a page which includes a temporary header image and now that it is created it becomes a work in progress rather than just a dream.


I also started to seriously develop my twitter strategy, mostly due to the great people I have connected with on that platform in particular John Saunders, @Jsaun777. He shared with me his strategy which I have for the most part implemented, if you want to get the most from Twitter then speak to John.

I already use Spoutsocial to manage my social accounts, schedule content and respond to the many messages being sent from each social media site. Now I have added another couple of services recommended by John to automate content creation and posting. This has all lead to a rise in my followers without having to buy them which so many people recommend you should do.


By combining engagement, valuable content with automation you can generate a responsive following which can then be directed to your own offers. This leads onto the next item which arrived in my inbox at 1 am.

New Projects

I received the login details for the new site which is under development. These details meant I could begin testing the site and its integration with Aweber, my autoresponder of choice. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing, its means when you are doing activities you love, you can work for many more hours than you would for just your job.

As I said the email arrived at 1am and I did not hit the sheets until after 4 but was back up at about 7am ready to continue the site testing.

This was the main activity during the week alongside my Twitter strategy.

As I was testing the follow-up sequences for my new site I thought it would be fun to create a video for one of my own follow-up messages. I am not the best in front of the camera but unless you keep doing it, you will never get any better.

You can see the result when you join my list at the top of the page, its message 2 by the way.

As I had created the video now came the small matter of hosting it. I hand coded a non-mobile friendly web page and I have a self-hosted version of Easy video player which being 5 years old is no longer suitable for the mobile world we live in today.

Everything you create should be responsive

Enter Unbounce for creating responsive landing pages, I was going to go with LeadPages but it was twice the price and split testing added even more to the price. However to get my video on the landing page, they required a responsive video hosting service which was my next piece of research.

Top tip for marketers: When watching a fellow marketer in action, take the time to see what is powering their marketing.

I did this with Matt Lloyd and discovered he uses a service called Wistia to host his videos. If it is good enough for the owner of MOBE then it is good enough for me, as long as the price is within my budget of course. Thankfully free fits in nicely.

Time management

One of the biggest issues I had last week was that the days activities were determined first thing in the morning and prioritized by what was in the front of my mind.

As I look at what I achieved last week and how I did it, I now appreciate the benefits of the system I abandoned several years ago. The idea came from a comment by Omar Martin in which he said we need to focus on all parts of our business to ensure we keep it balanced.

Thus I have going forwards set aside 30 minute daily slots for each element and use Gmail reminders to keep me on track. You can also see a daily large unallocated time period which represents my day job.

Daily schedule

The key point to make this work is set time aside to the plan the next days activities and specific tasks. If you don’t then it won’t get done and you will not be focussing on the right activities at the right times.

I am really impressed with what I achieved last week and know it has set the foundations for my future success. How did last week go for you?