What a Great Weekend for a Geek

spacesunriseI hope you had a great weekend

Mine was great on so many levels

  • My lists got some new subscribers, which means I need to start split testing these forms to see if I can get these kind of message more often
  • I finally got shot of my pinkberry (Blackberry 8520 in purple, metallic pink to you and me), which was replaced with, after much debate, the Samsung Galaxy S II.
  • I got to see and entertain most my kids with a cinema visit to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 in 3D.
  • My new noise cancelling headset arrived.

So where to begin

Getting new subscribers is always a thrill and it is even better when you can trace the attraction strategy that lead them to your optin page.

You know I don’t call them capture or squeeze pages for a very good mindset reason. Your subscribers can just as easily opt out, so you must always ensure you have something worth the exchange in time that is required to read your messages.

A subscriber is never truly fully captured or squeezed.

My pinkberry has been a menace since February, this was the higher model than my previous phone and yet was a massive step backward technologically, I mentioned the mapping facility, or lack of, in a previous post. Over the last few weeks things have really come to a head with all of my social apps failing to work and the industry giving my beloved RIM a massive thumbs down to their product range.

Now I have talked on Facebook with others about my replacement options, which ended with the choice coming down to either the iPhone 4 or the Samsung Galaxy S II. There are plenty of reviews and comparisons but until you actually get them in your hands you won’t really be able to make your final decision.

With both in my hands, the first thing to note was that the iPhone is noticeably heavier yet smaller than the Samsung,  the lack of freedom plus the iPhones little rubber button quickly drew me to my final decision.

The Samsung had me all giddy like a kid on Christmas morning, whilst the iPhone was massively underwhelming. Unfortunately I have had to change my phone number as Vodaphone insulted my intelligence when it came to the cost of buying out my contract.

I am sure you will hear me going on about this phone in the very near future.

Saturday night was the first time I have ever watched a 3D film, add to this I had not seen part 1 which all meant I had many things to get used to. Luckily I knew the basics of the story so managed to quickly get the gist of what was going on. As for the 3D, I spent a while getting used to seeing the depth of images but once I had settled into the film, it did add an extra element. It was not until the last action scene however that the 3D effect really revealed its full potential. My daughter who is 10 mentioned this as soon as the film had finished, which in a fully techno exposed child is rather impressive.

I won’t say anymore as if you have seen it you will know what I mean and if you have yet to undertake the multiple hour experience then this is why films should be shot in 3D.

It is all very well saying that noise cancelling headset cancel noise but just how good are they?

Well I now have 2 Logitech headsets, one normal set, with an in-line control that has seen better days and the new noise cancelling set.

To prevent buyers remorse, I undertook a little test to convince myself that they were a wise investment and here are the results.

Firstly the sound of silence on the normal headset


Now for the noise cancelling equivalent.


You can clearly hear that the background hum from the PC and external hard drive has been removed.

I did try using the Audacity filter with the normal headset


It is not so obvious here but when you listen to this with the volume on full, you can still hear an element of the background hum, thus even with the filtering, the noise cancelling headset still came out on top.

Therefore if you are considering getting a new headset then go for the noise cancelling option, it will save you time and effort in the post production phase, which is where most of your time is spent.

By the way how was your weekend?