We’re Boring so They Don’t Have to Be

lion roarI have been comparing Aweber with GetResponse and although I hate the layout of the latter, my final decision was made by Saj P.

If you do not know Saj P then he is a mind blowingly successful online businessman but also one who remains at least in writing highly humble and respectful of the journey he has travelled.

We are all attracted by the lifestyle of the successful marketer but the normal day to day reality of these people is one where they do loads of research and development to create and prove solutions so their customers can pick them up and run with them.

Anyone can Google the solution to their issue, anyone can solve their own problems given the right amount of time and persistence

However as information marketers, it is our task to distil information into its simplest most applicable form, this is what our customers pay us for.

With that distillation in mind, I received an email from Saj P, letting me know about his most recent blog post and what a post! I printed this to PDF and it was 106 pages long! Although I cover the major points below, I do recommend you read the full post if you have time, as it is a great read and contains far more detail than I can cover here.

In the post he starts by covering his journey and then moves onto 4 pieces of advice and a business plan you could implement.

Here is the advice

Clarity, Desire, Decision, Action

Start by knowing what you really want in your life, create images of this life and surround yourself with them.

Calculate how much you need to make each month to achieve this lifestyle and make sure every decision you make is colored by this target. Forgo all that does not in some way bring this dream closer to being your reality.

Ensure you do this each and every day.

Note: It is not always obvious what will take you closer to your dream which is why sometimes you need to trust that the community surrounding you will provide you ample opportunities if you are open to receiving them.

Time, Focus, Productivity, Momentum

Never waste your time, work out how you can maximize your performance in the time you have each day, by the way this also includes making the most of your social time as well. Living life to the max should be more than just a marketing slogan for a soda pop.

Focus on one task at a time and make sure that you start with the ones that will bring the biggest results fastest.

Some of the top business leaders are the most single skilled people you could ever hope to meet and they are that way for a reason. They know the importance of productivity and momentum, why waste time learning how to do a task when you can call on the services of an expert in that field.

Create a structure for your life and your days then stick to it, repetition generates momentum.

Mind, Body, Spirit, Flow

Balance the first 3 to maximize your flow

Live in the present and never allow yourself to be surrounded by negative people, but be sure those around you are realists never scared to let you know what you need to hear, not sycophants who only tell you what they think you want to hear.

Be prepared to undo the patterns you have allowed to be set in your subconscious by your relatives, educators and those you hung around in your juvenile years. Those years are your most formative but sadly also the most unstructured when it comes to personal development.

However live your life your way, as we are all on unique incomparable paths with our own unique history and desires.

As I highlighted in my previous post, if you cannot even place yourself in front of your computer due to ill health then how do you expect to make any money online! Make time to care for your body, my morning routine of core exercises and meditation which I neglected to my cost, takes about 30 minutes but really does set me up for the day and the best part, your routine is cumulative, it gets more transformational the more you do it.

Exercise in a way that suits you, your lifestyle and your habits.

I am a lazy ass but I have started swimming as a way to help my back but I need to do this immediately after work, I even take my swim kit with me to work because I know if I go home first, I will never make it to the pool!

I mentioned meditation earlier and this does not have to be done lotus style, simply allocating yourself some quiet time alone will help to clarify your thoughts and connect with your inner higher self. Also take time at the end of the day to get all your thoughts out of your mind and into a journal where you can make sense of them. This will lead to a better nights sleep ensuring you are refreshed and prepared to the challenges of the new day.

Never stop learning

Never stay in your comfort zone, always be stretching yourself and learning from those around you whether they are in person, online or in writing. I am lucky to be part of the Quick Start Challenge community which contains people with varied skills and success levels but who are all looking to move their lives forward and take others along with them.

This combined with many great books I have read, many great speakers I have watched on Ted.com and the many great people I have and can connect with via the Internet means there is absolutely no reason not to be expanding your horizons on a daily basis.

Now for the money part…

The $100K+ per month online marketing formula

  1. Start by knowing your market and your ideal customer
  2. Develop a suite of solutions
  3. Develop your sales funnel
  4. Drive traffic into your funnel


  1. Work as an affiliate
  2. Drive targeted traffic into a fellow marketers funnel

As I said Saj P covers all of this in far more detail in his very long blog post and if this has peaked your interest then I would recommend you read the full post by clicking here.

Oh and by the way I have decided to stick with Aweber.