Well Hello Lady Luck Nice to Have You Back

I have always considered myself to be a lucky sort of person and my life so far has borne this out.

I left school to become an electrician on the advice of my careers counsellor, would have been nice if had done his research first, there was no electrical training available in my area! Thus I headed off to college as part of the Youth Training Scheme (YTS), I manage to do a year of that but because I was born in April I was too old to do the second year, too old at 17!

My father worked for the local council and thus had access to the internal job vacancies, I managed to get a job at the college and my new employer, the council let me finish my course.

Do you see why I consider myself to be lucky.

This was a great job maintaining highly advanced personal computers such as the PC 386 with turbo function with only DOS 6 and auto-menu to contend with, no Windows software in those days. However what I really wanted to do was get my HNC, unfortunately the council were wise to this and refused to pay for it, after all I would be too educated for my job.

Luckily the college turned out to be a retirement home for former members of the Royal Air Force (RAF), thus on their recommendation I signed up. Why was this a lucky period?

I joined in April 1991, which was 2 months after the first Gulf war and after 7 years of drinking and generally having a great time I got my HNC and then left in 2003. Now 2003 was when the second Gulf war started and I got out just before that one got serious!

Now as part of my resettlement I had trained to be a network technician in the telecoms industry, can you remember why 2002/3 was significant for the international technology sector?

In these years the entire industry went into melt down and the company that I had been trained to work for nearly went bankrupt, NTL were on their knees and were most definitely not recruiting. Luckily for me in preparation for my job hunting I got my first mobile phone and a call came in offering me a job at the local RAF base as a contractor, it turns out that I was going to be doing the job I had just left.

This lasted 18 months and a long term contract came up for the Harrier GR9 upgrade which started just as the contract finished but unfortunately this is where my luck ran out. I did not have enough experience on the Harrier even though I hadworked as a LITS technician for 12 months and thus I was out of work.

Now a LITS technician is an administrative roll which involved looking after paperwork and its electronic equivalent, perhaps this would be useful on my CV.

I updated and submitted my CV to various online sites and within 30 minutes I received a call from an agency. He had just seen my CV go live and as he was looking for an electrical administrator, would I be interested? Of course I would, I started the following week.

I was now  a contractor looking after electricians carrying out mobile phone base station installations and often I would have to be on site. We had to cover the entire UK Midlands area and with me driving from Lincoln to Northampton daily before I started work, I drove at least 800 miles per week and maxed out at 3000 miles in one very busy week.

I could not last in this job for very long but after one call to the agency looking after the Harrier GR9 project I had myself a new contract closer to home.

Thus I have always managed to land on my feet.

2010 has been a hectic year, I started the year unemployed and as it draws to a close my wife’s brother passed away and in the same week my mother died of a heart attack. We went our separate ways to cover each funeral and what with the travel and phone costs our finances took a battering.

I really needed to get this Internet marketing thing working properly.

Well today I have achieved very little online as it was one of those couch days where my brain called time and demanded to just chill out. I had agreed to attend Caleb Spilchen’s blogging webinar but really I just wanted to go to bed, this call after all started at midnight.

I have attended Caleb’s webinars’ before and he is fantastically open and true to his word. Thus I made the effort and the free information he provided was fantastic and well worth the lack of sleep. Now of course he had told at the start there would be a sales pitch but this is where he differs from the other marketers.

The way this goes is that the webinar will describe the system but leave out a vital component that can only be obtained if you splash the cash. Not so with Caleb, he had already given us a complete system, now he was offering to personally guide us in the creation of a profitable blog, I was however not really listening at this point as I did not have money for proper food let alone another training course.

During the call Caleb had asked us to tweet our opinions of the training, I do not normally do this but for some reason this time I did. The result, I won the twitter competition and won a place on his blogging course!

As I said at the start, well hello lady luck nice to have you back!