Welcome to My Journey

roadtosomewhere_web_thumb.jpgHi to all

Some of you may have been redirected from my first blogs and some of you maybe new, which is also cool. The aim of this blog is to record my journey to online success.

The first lesson is that you are the brand, forget brand names like avelcomms and anything that you want to dream up, you are the brand.

Lets consider this and why you are the brand, have you ever done a search on your name?

Now if you have done a search on your name then you will have been amazed at how long a memory the internet has, and what kind of comments will appear in the search. Perhaps if your were ever mister angry on a website, you will need to explain yourself!

Have you ever attended a conference?

If you attend conferences then you have 2 options, explain who is behind your brand website, ie avelcomms, or use your name and no explanation is required, this latter choice is obviously the better one.

Which is why I am here now, I have learnt this lesson and I hope you take this on board.