We may all sit out the war

web_dreamstime_bertoldwerkmannThat is of course your option, just as it was for those involved in The Great Escape during WWII.

With hindsight that would have been a sensible idea however just as then none of us can know for sure what lies ahead.

Thus do we leave our fate in the hands of others or do we get involved in shaping our lives?

Since arriving in these foreign lands, I have allowed myself to drift and float on the tide of others plans.

Nothing lasts forever thus eventually the topic conversation turned to what we were going to do, once we had met our financial targets.

Heck, I did not even have that planned!

And with that wake up call,  I now step up and retake my part in shaping my own life.

You might not have a clear idea of where you want to go but if you are not where you want to be then heading away in any direction is a good first step.

As Martin Avis pointed out in a recent message, today the hardest part of your journey is actually knowing with deep clarity what you truly want for your life.

For once you are clear on this there are enough people and services available to take you to your destination.

We can either sit out our lives being part of the average or we can take an active part and make them the lives we wish them to be.

The choice is ours.