Undoing Your Beautiful Creation

If you follow the advice from many followers of fashion they will tell you that creating rich html emails is the way forward for the new video and image focussed Internet however when you actually listen to them in their dedicated forums they reveal the other sorry side to the story. Depending which part of the world you are form will of course adjust your attitude and the advice you receive from your government about staying safe online but using rich html emails will definitely reduce your open rate wherever you are..

In the UK the general consensus is that html rich emails are a bad thing as they could contain all sort of hidden code designed to do you and your computer harm which is why by default most email software does not automatically download the html content. In fact if the email is too heavy on the code then it is likely that this message will be sent direct to your junk folder without you ever seeing it. Those that promote the use of html heavy email have devised many techniques to overcome these issues but really why make your marketing hard from the outset.

The other issue I have with html templates is that they are a pain to write as you spend far too much time on the formatting which leaves less time for the adding of valuable subscriber content.

The final nail in the coffin is that when it comes time to move these messages back to Aweber, it all becomes an impossibility if you have used the default templates supplied by your current autoresponder. Thankfully there is a solution and the video below illustrates the solution that I arrived at.


[flowplayer src=http://igorgriffiths.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/htmlstyledemailvideo.mp4]


If the video fails to play here, you can watch it onĀ YouTube here

In the next video I will show you how to overcome the lack of a feature in Aweber that GetResponse does really well, until then keep smiling and scaring yourself.