Not Writing for Profit

There is one problem with writing for profit and that is the requirement to be in the right frame of mind before you start writing. I have all too often sat done and written several hundreds of words only to delete the entire effort as I was either not in the mood to proof read or really I had written a body of text that was so vague to be completely worthless to the reader.

Thus as my divorce progresses I have been looking at  traffic generation methods that do not require a lot of emotional engagement.

After  4 years I have finally found a banner phrase that works for me on TE’s. I now have this banner and you can use this as your starting point, I will be split testing this and moving forwards very soon, thus this banner may no longer be my active one.

This banner can be seen below.

target traffic yellow bkgnd

The key to success on Traffic Exchanges is giving the viewers what they want and what they want is easy traffic generation.

However whilst there are over 3000 results for traffic generation on Clickbank, your offering must be unique. The easiest way to achieve this is to get them to sign up for the information first via your own banner or splash page. This has been working for me, I have had no success with pages but plenty with the above banner promotion.

I also have the luxury of working with an underground mentor who is devoted to my success, in fact at times he is far more focussed on my success than I am!

He is Sterling Valentine and any man that can pull off appearing in a canary yellow tracksuit at a live workshop has my admiration and respect, yet this is where the social aspect of Internet marketing kicks in. For during that weekend he was the only one that both my mind and heart clicked into place at the same time and thus he became my very generous mentor.

The reason for mentioning this is that he has created a new site called List Laser that truly makes list building easy.

Sterling works on a very simple principle.

There are 3 elements to his Internet Marketing strategy, which are attraction, capture and monetization

A quick aside for all of my British friends, the spelling of monetization is the correct spelling and is based upon the Greek foundation of this word, we unfortunately got our asses kicked by the French in 1066 and thus we took the French spelling, The pilgrim fathers who we threw out in the 17th century, made their way to what is now known as the United States and decided it was time sort out the mess that our inability to defend the British borders had created. Thus they simplified and corrected many of the mistakes in the English language, one of which was the use of the letter z.

Once you have the capture and monetization systems in place all you need to do is attract people to your optin pages.

The capture and initial monetization principle is taken care of by Sterling’s List Laser service, the long term email writing is done by you and your imagination. This is actually easier than you fear, for all you have to do is read the free guide that you gave away during the capture process and figure out what would make this advice easier or quicker.

Remember, our DNA is 99.9% identical but our imaginations are unique, which is why taking the time to reflect and dream are the 2 most important tools in your marketing arsenal.