Tom Hua eBusiness Bootcamp

tomhuaebusinessbootcampaug11I am living proof that Facebook advertising works, I have seen Tom Hua in action last year at the Clickbank Millionaire event and so when I spotted his ad for an event in London I jumped at the opportunity to see him in action again.

Now as it transpired this event was geared towards those looking for online startup business ideas and there were plenty of them in the room but I have learned that going over the absolute basics from time to time is a very useful experience.

As little Jack Horner would say what a good boy am I as he pulled out the plumb with his thumb

In isolation you can be as clever and as successful as you want but when you interact with people you soon realise that you need to pull your finger out and take bigger and bolder action to make your imagination a reality.

Over the 2 days I met a lot of people of all skill levels who were all marketing with passion and some who embarrassed themselves by trying to pimp their stuff during Q&A sessions.

What did I get out of the event?

Those marketers who were at the same level as me, reinvigorated me to keep pushing forward but most of all to actually start selling something. This is a point that in Internet Marketing circles is often overlooked, yes giving away an ebook or even a pack to build a list is fine and the absolute correct thing to do.

However what is to stop you selling those same ebooks with a little extra value thrown into the mix?

The second point I learned is that my feet in smart shoes are allergic to London! Last year I travelled to the same hotel and the sad tale of my feet is told here, the Clickbank Millionaire Event. This year new shoes but the same tale of woe, feet not impressed with the journey thus for day 2 I resorted to my trainers and dispatched the shoes to the bin, therefore if you see a hotel cleaner in Stevenage wearing smart shoes you know the reason why.

But back to the event

Tom Hua in his Primo program has over 200 ebooks that you can sell, of course these will be on varied topics and thus there may only be a handful that are appropriate for your niche.

As I was not interested in joining another training program I did not look into the Primo program but lets put it into perspective, most marketers are able to claim a corner of the Internet as their place.

Tom Hua on the other hand is able to allow his members to enter his entire Internet world.

He owns companies that register domains, host websites, develop multimedia; create marketing strategies and undertake coding projects for his training members at preferential rates and all others at market rates. On top of this he has built a close relationship with as he put it, the best SEO company in the world.

Thus should anyone decide to enter his training program, they will have access to some of the best resources on the Internet to build an entire web business from start to the point where they are successful enough to be able to stand on their own.

Why did I not join?

I am already involved in a training program and to get the most out of any program you must complete it and immerse yourself in its training environment.

On day 2, Jo Dodds was the guest speaker and delivered a fantastic presentation on how to get the most out of Twitter, this was worth the journey in itself. I have visited Twitter many times and never really got totally to grips with it but she did mention Hootsuite as a fantastic tool, which I do use, to manage your social media presence.

I am now following Jo and I recommend that you do also. 

Ultimately when attending these events you must go with a purpose in mind.

Mine was to engage with other people and see what Tom had to deliver, over the 2 days after speaking to many people I got to understand just what I have already created and now that I realise this I can once again begin marketing with passion and help others to develop their startup business ideas.

As Rich Schefren would say what is your BHAG, big hair audacious goal to the uninitiated


2013 update

It has been pointed out to me that although Tom Hua is well connected and does have very large and successful Internet business, it was wrong of me to assume that this was  a good indication that his Primo product was of high quality. As I said in post above, I have not used this product and thus you should undertake your own due diligence before buying into any training program.