What Time Should I Email my Subscribers?

“When should I send out my autoresponder messages?”

This is one of the most popular questions when it comes to sending autoresponder messages.

The key to business success lies in your statistics and when it comes to your autoresponder the key figure is the open rate. Which is why if you are thinking about this question then congratulation because you are focussing on the right things.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing.

You are keen to discover if there is a magical sweet spot for message delivery to maximize your open rate.

Aweber broadcast delivery times

Well I have always sent my messages at the same time but last week I decided  to test a couple of variations.

The results made me realize that the title of this post has a really simple answer, that you most likely have overlooked.

Of course you need to use a little common sense in choosing your times but for the most part people will bend to your will if you are consistent and provide information worth reading.

So what time do I send out my messages?

I actually find that Monday is the best day to deliver my ray of hope for those looking to escape the routine they have returned to after their great weekend.

Thus this is the day I generally offer a paid solution.

Now if I return to actual times rather than days, I chose those for a couple of reasons.

The first is that it allows me to cover my dominant geographic locations during the day.

New York Central Park_sxc_createsima london-bridge_sxc_bugdog taj-mahal_sxc_sataqvi
8:30am EDT -4 hrs 1:30pm BST +1hr 6:00pm IST +5:30 hrs


The second is that because Aweber reporting is set to use New York time, I always set my delivery times by this time hence the day starts in New York which for the first reason works rather well.

Thus people can either read my messages before work, during work or after work, no one gets the message in my key areas during the middle of the night. However even if they did it would not really matter as your subscribers will get used to your delivery time and as I said earlier.

As long as your content is worth searching for then they will take the time to dig it out of their inbox.

Thus to answer the initial question with a really obvious answer.

“When should I send out my autoresponder messages?”

Whenever they are expecting it!