What Time Should I Email my Subscribers?

“When should I send out my autoresponder messages?”

This is one of the most popular questions when it comes to sending autoresponder messages.

The key to business success lies in your statistics and when it comes to your autoresponder the key figure is the open rate. Which is why if you are thinking about this question then congratulation because you are focussing on the right things.

Maximizing the effectiveness of your marketing.

You are keen to discover if there is a magical sweet spot for message delivery to maximize your open rate.

Aweber broadcast delivery times

Well I have always sent my messages at the same time but last week I decided  to test a couple of variations.

The results made me realize that the title of this post has a really simple answer, that you most likely have overlooked.

Of course you need to use a little common sense in choosing your times but for the most part people will bend to your will if you are consistent and provide information worth reading.

So what time do I send out my messages?

I actually find that Monday is the best day to deliver my ray of hope for those looking to escape the routine they have returned to after their great weekend.

Thus this is the day I generally offer a paid solution.

Now if I return to actual times rather than days, I chose those for a couple of reasons.

The first is that it allows me to cover my dominant geographic locations during the day.

New York Central Park_sxc_createsima london-bridge_sxc_bugdog taj-mahal_sxc_sataqvi
8:30am EDT -4 hrs 1:30pm BST +1hr 6:00pm IST +5:30 hrs


The second is that because Aweber reporting is set to use New York time, I always set my delivery times by this time hence the day starts in New York which for the first reason works rather well.

Thus people can either read my messages before work, during work or after work, no one gets the message in my key areas during the middle of the night. However even if they did it would not really matter as your subscribers will get used to your delivery time and as I said earlier.

As long as your content is worth searching for then they will take the time to dig it out of their inbox.

Thus to answer the initial question with a really obvious answer.

“When should I send out my autoresponder messages?”

Whenever they are expecting it!


  1. Hi igor,

    I also wondered what time is the best to send out my broadcasts via AWeber and then decided to test what time gives the best response in open rates.
    So I kind of split tested it and sent some messages for a while at different times, just to track and compare the results.
    In the end I decided for the time with the highest open rate and still stick to it.


    1. Well hello Torsten, thanks for sharing your experience, you chose the best option for determining the ideal delivery times by split testing before you settled down into a routine. Great to hear it has worked out for you.

  2. Igor,

    Good sound advice, as usual Igor. Seems that a bit of testing up front, looking at the stats regarding open rates, all before settling into a routing is the best strategy. Makes perfect sense to me!

    Thanks for some more down-to-earth, no-nonsense advice Igor.

    Talk Soon,

  3. Hi Igor,

    Thank you for sharing with us all your wonderful insight on when it’s best to email, unfortunately I only have like 1 person on my list so I can’t really say whether there is a specific time, however I do believe that sharing valuable content in email is essential and especially if you can make it entertaining too, or make you emails like a story but with cliffhangers built in, it will help to keep your subscribers wanting more and eagerly anticipate opening your emails to find out what happened.

    Kind regards

    1. Well hello Sky, great to hear your list building activities are working. As you point out making our messages engaging and interesting whilst still useful is a great recipe for high open rates. Look forward to hearing about your list building progress.

  4. Hi friend,

    First time visit on your blog. Read your post really that was amazing.
    I thing additional way,
    Create an bring up to date profile connect to your campaign permitting your clients to update their very own information whenever they want.
    Anyone within the list may update the information when using the signup form. Take a glance at this article to learn more.

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Well hello Jain, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      You raise an interesting point, once subscribers are on our list we should not consider it a done deal. Why not as you point encourage them to segment themselves, what time of day would they prefer to receive your messages, what content do they prefer. You could give them several options for time and content based upon list you have created for this purpose.

  5. Hi Igor,

    I found you on Adrienne Smith’s blog and the title of the post caught my eye because I’ve heard this discussed before.

    I usually send my messages out at the same time because that’s normally when I finish my post.

    I feel that the title I put into the subject line of the post has more to do with the open rate than the actual time of the day.

    Some people look at their email 3-4 times a day. It depends on what I’m doing, but, I usually try not to look at it more than 3 times a day. Most of the time, only twice a day.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with open rates.

    Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Well hello Geri, great to hear we are both friends of the wonderful Adrienne, as you highlight the subject line is crucial to getting your messages opened and as you mention most people will visit their inbox multiple times each day. From my stats I know people are not waiting in their inbox for the moment my messages are delivered but by setting a time that works for all of my subscribers, I can engage with more of them whilst giving myself a publishing deadline to meet.

  6. Hey igor,

    Your post is very informative and interesting; I actually like that topic because I once heard a french marketer called Vita Vee (I believe that is his name) who is so clever and a master on that issue, who knows the best times to run his campaigns online based on the responsive values of his subscribers in relation to the time they receive their information. In fact he times his PPC campaings or he pauses them in time for the responses to be higher.

    It is a very clever way of running PPC campaigns and not only that, that guy is also a genius about getting number one Google page rankings too, because of the way he targets the right keywords.

    Anyway, coming back to your nice post, there is no doubt that what you care for, about the demographics and content, your subscribers are going to respond well and feel they have great value at the right time.


    1. Well hello German, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts plus mentioning a French marketer I had never heard of, Vita Vee, sounds like he really has mastered his area of interest and profit. When sharing information I always want to make sure its as convenient as possible for those I am trying to help.

  7. Hi Igor

    Always a good question and with a very small list, I am still posting in the mornings every second day, but will, as my list grows, take more notice of my statistics and react accordingly.

    I think there might also be a typo in the blog! Alongside the Broadcast statistics picture, it looks as if the end of the sentence beginning “Well I have always…” have been moved to the end of the following sentence! Shows I read the article and not just added something here 🙂


    1. Well hello Dave, if you decide to change your email routine be sure to take your subscribers on the journey with you, also thanks for pointing out the typo, this is the danger of dragging images around a post into their final position, often like the error you identified, it mangles the text.

  8. Hey Igor,

    I send mine at the same time I’ve been sending them all these years but I have a pretty high open rate. Some emails are better than others but what I’ve learned is to change up the subject line and make it curious. Entice them into wanting to open it and that will get you a lot further.

    It’s funny because if I look at my stats I’ll see a good open rate but if I check them the following day I have more that were open so I think it depends on their times as well you know.

    It all goes back to building those relationships because if you can start doing that they’ll be more eager to open your emails. Dang that just works my friend. 😉


    1. Well hello Adrienne, thanks for sharing your experience. You make a great point to think about how the person reading the subject line will respond. You are so right with your last thought.


  9. Hi Igor
    Man, you write some very interesting and well thought out stuff.

    When I was setting up my auto responder for the 4-video series I pondered the time question and also the days of the week.

    In the end I decided if the content is great they’ll probably open it anyway.
    Do you have a view on which day(s) other than your Monday comment.
    I tend to avoid weekends but don’t have a logical reason why.

    Best regards

    1. Well hello Wayne thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. I attempt to send out broadcast emails 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the days you deliver your follow up messages should ideally match or blend into the days you send or intend to deliver broadcast messages.

      I never send out over the weekend as I figure I am here to help my subscribers and by delivering content over the weekend I am building into them a habit where they never have a day away from the computer which is not healthy.

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