Think Big

rabbit-sleeping_sxc_thumb.jpgMy Friend Marcus Passey has just released his first ebook and it makes a great read, now as I went through it there was one thing that puzzled me.

Why would you use a paid service when you can have the same type of application for free?

Then it dawned on me, Marcus is thinking big and as a result doing really well.

The software I am talking about is mind mapping, I use Free mind at the moment, but I am going to switch over to his recommended paid service very soon.

The big thought in this area is collaboration, with pc based services you have to get your team to download the software and then await the email containing the updated file, you could of course use a central server…can you see the IT nightmare begin to unfold.

I use Freemind, because I am working on my own, however I have hooked up with a couple of mentors, thus Marcus’ idea means that I do need to start thinking big and long term.

Using an online service, you register and pay for the service. Then when you want your mentor or team to check over the idea, all they have to do is register for free, and give them access to your area, job done.

Marcus has loads more gems in his ebook, I suggest you take a look and of course TAKE ACTION

speak soon