There is No Above!

man-dollar-steps-web_dreamstime_coramaxIf you do not believe the title of this post then you are setting yourself up for failure.

Despite what all the honest, ethical and compassionate marketers may tell you, despite all of their protestations to the contrary, you still consider it a shame that they posses a jigsaw piece of success that you lack.

If only they would come clean and share it with you, but of course they don’t so you move onto the next big shiny offer that states it includes the marketing secret you seek.

Of course it doesn’t and so your cycle repeats itself once again.

The truth of modern life is that yes there is an above and below but that is only the case when you get to the very extremes of the spectrum.

Could a person from the rough end of town ever hope to truly integrate with those from the Oxbridge class, of course not because their values are skewed to towards the connection portfolio rather than who the person really is.

The same is of course true in the other direction.

The person who was brought up on an estate, a country one that is, could never be truly accepted into the rough end of town because they bring with them an alien outlook on life.

However you like me are most likely somewhere in the middle and thus for us there is no above and below.

Those marketers that fail to tell you the secret have been for the most part in a similar situation to you and now because of action taking and focus have moved forwards, ever closer to their goals.

They now live a life that maybe totally alien to you and thus you cannot accept the reality of your situation.

There is no magic potion, lotion or secret covenant that prevents you from achieving the great transformation you desire.

As they have said, all that is required is the following

1.    Focus
2.    Determination
3.    Persistence


Focus on the basics, master them and excel at them each and every day.

There are not many basics you need to master in marketing, selecting a viable solution to promote, creating a converting landing page and generating traffic to that page.


Is your goal valuable enough?

Forget cars, villas and trinkets rather focus on what your inner child desires. Look even the great Frank Kern got this part wrong so do not beat yourself up about it.

Instead of like Mr. Kern, buying the fast cars that come with their own problems go after the simplest things that will make your days truly blessed, like as he has done a surf board and a better life for his family.


Change will come but there will have to be many battles won, many of your opponents will be internal and some will come from the wider community.

On those dark days where you internal or external demons lay over you ready to strike the deathly blow to your dreams, if the vision of your goal is not strong enough then you will succumb and become one of those that lay fallen by the wayside.

Instead as you lay there use the vision of that better day to push aside those demons and take a step forwards, no matter how small towards your goals.

These are the 3 basics you need to master in marketing and many elements of these can be outsourced however because you may still not believe it to be that simple you focus on the wrong things and end up repeating your cycle of learning and failure.

What do I know?

Well I am certainly not of the Oxbridge class and I certainly had a great upbringing in a fantastic location but yes I have and still struggle to keep to the basics.However by pulling back and returning to these as I realize my deviations I know I will achieve my goals.

How about you where are you on your road to personal success?


  1. Hey Igor, loved your insights my man!

    And yeah, even Frank Kern got it wrong at some time.

    I still remember several videos from him, how he got started online, the parrot book story and even when he got so filthy rich that he lost track of his own health due to alcohol abuse and other things.

    Focus, determination and persistence… I’m not sure if someone can achieve success lacking any of these (I think not) but I have seen people rise from having nothing to having a lot with my own eyes.

    Living from Internet Marketing and living an actual laptop lifestyle are both REAL but there is a lot of hard work involved to make it happen.

    Hard to do it? Perhaps.

    Impossible? NOT AT ALL.


  2. Hi igor

    There have been times in my blogging career where I’ve wondered what I’m doing but that’s where the determination and persistence comes in, I guess.

    I lack a little focus at times so when I have all three, the sky’s the limit, huh? 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

    1. Hi Tim, glad you agree the problem comes when we listen to too many people and undermine our focus and determination. Regardless of what direction we travel in, if we move in a consistent straight line eventually we will arrive somewhere.

  3. Hey Igor,

    I love what you shared here and you’re also right about the three basic required things we all need.

    I have definitely learned that no one is better then me. I’m a human being just like anyone else and there have been people who have excelled online that have had no formal education or upbringing. All they had was that desire to succeed and they never wavered from that.

    You have to stay focused on what you want, you have to be determined that you’re going to get it and you darn sure better be persistent or you’ll never get there. Right on my friend.

    Great share here so thank you for that. Maybe a great reminder for us all.

    Enjoy your week.


    1. Hi Adrienne, love the determination emanating from your comment. As you hint the problem with intelligence is the ability to over think! By learning just enough to take a step forwards and then actually doing the work before repeating this learn – do cycle, staying focused becomes so much easier.

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