The Secret Ingredient of Top Blogging Sites

If someone was to ask you to list your top blogging sites, I am sure that they would complain about at least one site that featured in your list. After all they asked you to list the top blogging sites and you have added several websites, perhaps you did not understand the question or more likely they have not taken the time to figure out, just what are blogs and what determines whether a blog becomes a top blogging site.

The primary difference between a blog and a website is that the content on a blog is dated and will be updated regularly with plenty of opportunity for the reader to interact with the content. A website on the other hand is a static sales page that’s designed to draw your attention to a singletop blogging sitesdesired action step.

Once this confusion has been cleared then looking closer at your list, some of these top blogging sites reflect the fact that we are social animals. The content and popularity of these blogs is very much focused on the existence of one person and their activity, rather than the benefit that they bring to the reader.

These blogs are popular because they allow you to gossip with those in your social group and the ability to gossip is often the basis for strong social interaction in a work place or during bar room chats.

Social content is a strong reason why many blogs are successful.

If you need to exercise your brain as well as you mouth then the other type of blogging site maybe of more interest to you. These sites do not rely upon the latest fashion or celebrity to attract their readers, these sites are very much information driven.

These are the specialist interest blogs and they are focused around providing benefits to their readers on each and every visit.

Why is this so attractive?

We are an inquisitive species and are always looking to do more with what we have, these informational blogging sites satisfy this desire. You should never assume that everyone does something or shares the same passions are you and these blogs highlight jut how specialized your passion maybe.

Once you realize that the knowledge you have is special you can begin engaging with others on these blogs and quickly become very knowledgeable. This will then lead to you becoming the specialist in your social group and of course every specialist knows that they must stay up to date with the latest developments in their area of interest.

Therefore you become dependent upon these top blogging sites to maintain the expert status in your social group and these sites will use your comments and questions to determine how these areas of expertise are evolving. Ultimately one cannot exist without the other, a perfect recipe for a top blogging site.