The Opportunity Within

opportunity withinAs an aircraft engineer who has to go through human factors training every 2 years, I am constantly reminded of the dangers from focussing too closely on a task or problem. Human factors is important in any safety crucial industry and of course when you are at 30, 000ft you want to be confident that all the nuts, bolts and wires are in the right place!

However in any task no matter how important or mundane, the simplest of distractions from boss asking you when it will be ready to your partner tutting as you just post an update before you leave for dinner, can mean you lose your place, forget what comes next and ultimately either have to start again or miss the next step.

You may already be aware of the issue that this causes, if not then watch this video.


If that seems far too obvious then consider this real fault from a military aircrew report!

[note]IFF fails to operate in OFF mode [/note]

[info]IFF is an identification transmitter carried by all aircraft and of course the OFF mode is simply the off position.[/info]

Why is this relevant to your marketing?

Well if you use PLR or MRR in your marketing and you are stuggling to achieve what you want, did you ever stop to see what opportunities lie within those very ebooks you are giving to others?

Having just returned to Aweber from GetResponse, I am now faced once again with re-building my list from scratch and if Sally Neill reads this then I am sure I will get a slap across the head when we next meetup for being an idiot.

One book that I have just listed in my resource store is called 100 paths to traffic success, this came with MRR and is sold as such but the crucial factor is that within this guide are 100 traffic ideas.

TheseĀ are of course just what you need when you are trying to get bums on seats in front of your optin page or offer.

As Barry Wells has just launched another Video challenge I will face that challenge and discuss my return to Aweber.