The Facebook Guide

facebookWell I promised that I would produce a Facebook guide and perhaps I was over ambitious.

It turns out people thought I meant a blog post, well apologies but there is no Facebook post.


If you leave a comment, you can for Friday and this weekend obtain a copy of my Facebook guide.

I hope you like it!

ps I left the first comment and the system works!

16th August Update

Here is that Facebook post.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to visit, left a comment and followed the link to my guide. Of course if you want to know how I did that, the answers are all in my guide to Starting an Online Business, which you can obtain if you enter your details on the right of your screen.

Hey you gotta try!

Anyway, it looks like this maybe the perfect time to take a serious look at Facebook, with your business head on. Many of the top marketers are also beginning to realise the power of Facebook. I know Mark Anastasi has a book in progress, and there are plenty of others laying their foundations.

The only hard thing with Facebook is staying focussed on the core parts, it is a massive site, just do not go farming or whatever else it is my children do!

Read the guide, let me know what you think and most importantly, let your imagination have some fun.