The End of the Challenge but Friendships Have Been built

firered-125x125_thumb.pngI have just changed the 100 comment blog challenge post from sticky to normal and thus it falls back to its creation date. The number of comments, 108 that the post received is testimony to the power of joint ventures and using the leverage of others to drive traffic to your sites.

I am now getting back into my rhythm of traffic and reputation building. Over the last month I have created 3 guides, from Starting an online Business through setting up a blog to the power of Facebook. These are by no means epics, the writing reflects my attitude to fluff and sales letters, I despise both of them.  In these, you only get the information that you need to get started, then the rest is upto you and your imagination, which is the most powerful tool a marketer has.

I have struggled with information overload and I am still working out systems to deal with over helpful people, these are the ones that give you all their information in one book and leave you to drown in the overload of options.

I look forward to visiting many of the blogs that were in the challenge and finally getting some regular information on live events, where perhaps we can meet and chat.