The Day Your World Ended

Your Guiding HandWe are born into a world that we know nothing about, our natural instincts are designed for a world that no longer exists and thus we look to those around us for guidance and direction.

We hope they have our best interests in mind as we rely upon them to provide the essential guidance and paths during these most formative of years.

At this time hopefully your parents knew more about the world than you did and hid nothing from you whether it was the wonders to be visited or the terrors to be avoided.

Over time your knowledge grew and grew until there came a fateful day, the day where your world was turned on its head.

The day when you realized that your specialization had outstripped the general knowledge of your parents.

That day I bet like mine came as a shock.

How could I know more than my parents, they have always had the answers, yet here I was having to work this problem out for myself. Thankfully it was nothing more serious than an engineering homework question but still it marked my entrance into adulthood and having to either figure it out yourself or find others to guide you further.

Of course if you do not know where you want to go then your path may look just as confused as you feel inside.

Life is easy when there are rules to follow

if you do not have to think about what to do then how could you possible go wrong, follow the recipe for success and you will soon be there. However boredom kills success far quicker than any other weapon, no one said it would be easy nor did they say it would always be parties and bright lights, working for success takes work

Marketers struggle due to the amount of opportunities not the lack of them

95% of marketers fail not because of the lack of opportunity but rather the over supply of potential paths to follow. Being scared to make a decision and follow that choice until it reveals whether or not it’s a dud is the position that many failing marketers find themselves in.

I have been guilty of hiding behind this decision, kidding myself I am doing preparatory work ready for the day I finally decide to strike out in that direction.

We are just kidding ourselves.

Until we commit our time and perhaps some finances to the decision then we are just procrastinating around the decision keeping ourselves busy doing stuff that does nothing more than makes us feel busy.

Of course not every opportunity will work for everyone, this where self reflection and understanding comes into play.

Are you your own worst enemy or your best friend?

Who has your ear, the inner critic or the inner friend who champions all of your past successes in an effort to drive you forwards and past the barriers your critic insists cannot be broken.