The Content from Bristol Keeps Flowing

BristolLFM2010 (13)Once you come back from an event it is all too easy to put all the business cards to one side and move onto other things, however Internet marketers are a fanatical bunch of people who love to help each other.

One person that I hooked up with at the event is Neil Long, he roamed the event taking audio notes and I thought nothing more of that, a cool idea but that was his thing not mine.

As I said marketers love to help each other and Neil has kindly has given me a copy of the audio from the event

[audio:|titles=Bristol LFM Event]

One final thought,  if you have not heard from me and we exchanged details in Bristol. I will get in touch, I just have this need to sleep every now and again.

ps. adding the audio to this blog was a nightmare until I used a plugin by Martin Laine called Audio player