The Community Works Both Ways

your communitySiglinking is a great traffic strategy.

This is as you know if you are a QSC member, all about providing valuable responses in forum threads to generate exposure for your signature link.

However it is all too easy to forget that these forums are also a great way to have your own issues aired in your  community, allowing the collective wisdom to provide solutions you cannot see due to being in the centre of the issue.

This is where I found myself on Friday and why I never managed to meet my Monday publication schedule.

My brain was far too clouded with the many options and issues that arose from my lack of UK address. This was compounded by Regus who operate my virtual office losing my personal details and as I could not re-verify my address they put my mail forwarding service on hold.

Not having a verifiable address has been a continuing issue with living on a compound in Saudi Arabia however not having any utility bills to prove your address is a nice problem to have!

As I operated a limited company for my contracting and utilised this to fund my online hobby until I took my current full time position, all I could see was the requirement to continue operating a limited company for my online adventure.

Setting up a new limited company outside the UK it transpires is impossible when you do not have any proof of address, operating a company is very expensive and set to get ever more expensive.

Thus I turned to the Warriorforum and asked the question Do I need a company to market online?

The general consensus is that if you have no staff or premises, then you can undertake your online adventure as self employed, the only requirement is to provide your tax authority details of your income generated via your online activities.

I now have a way forward.

This is an important lesson to remember, we are there to assist our community in their journey but sometimes we can ask them to help us in our own journey.