The Clickbank Millionaire Day 2

If you are wondering what happened to day one then take a look at my previous post Apologies to Bacon

Well I made it into London complete with both feet and my new pair of shoes, ready for day 2 and all the golden nuggets of information that may come my way.

Newsflash (as I am writing this on Tuesday I wish he had not bothered) the days schedule was re-arranged to fit around the football, now that’s thinking about your customers.

Right so back into the hall ready for the first speaker Chris Cobb whose expertise lay in CPA networks, like all of the previous speakers he made it all seem so simple and it is once you are familiar with it.

Now this is an important point, Internet marketing is no different from any other job that you start.

Do you remember the first day of your current job? How did you feel, I know when I start new contracts it is always with a sense of trepidation and fear about what I have got myself into, however it always turns out for the best because I put the effort in and learn the job.

Looking back over my notes Chris’ big thing is outsourcing his CPA elements, if you do not want to do it or would only manage to do it badly, then task someone who loves it and is capable of doing it. You concentrate on the ideas and the business plan, but whatever strategy you use the basics are the same, find the demand, answer that demand with something of value and build your list to allow you to market to them repeatedly.

David Cavanagh if you did not know is a portly Australian who cor blimey is only 5 years older than me, so that’s a challenge in itself. 5 years to become a big success and take one back for the limeys. As the stereotype goes the Australians are rather brash, however I would rather call it – to the point and David was certainly that.¬†

This may have been a Clickbank Millionaire event, but David was not going to let that stop him from getting his obvious idea over to us. Businesses still do not understand the power of the Internet and those that do are mostly doing it badly.

Which is where we come in, we have the wounds of marketing to know what works and you will suprise yourself just how much value you could give to someone when you take a look at their pride and joy web presence.

You see most have not thought about the customer benefit or the clarity of message. It maybe Internet marketing but it does not have to start on the Internet, David highlighted that with a little imagination there are always opportunities to be grasped and benefited from, you just gotta take action.

The final speaker Riad Hamada gave a really on the level presentation that really clicked with a lot of the audience and it was a system that sat at the very heart of the Clickbank business model.

The reason his idea is so great is that he has cut out all of the nonsense and setup a system that charges straight into the market, adds  a valuable solution to it and comes away with a list and an income stream.

There is really not a lot else I can say about his system other than that when it does start to work, the joy you get is like losing your virginity, this is according to Riad how it feels. He was of course reminded of this fact plenty of times after his presentation by the other speakers.

This was a great event and I learnt loads and am only beginning to calm down from this event. The energy and potential of the possibilites that lie in front of you after these events is the trully exciting benefit of going to these events. Thus if you have not been to an event yet then you must if you want to be a success.

Without energy and action taking you are doomed to remain where you are now, these people all took action and they are living their dreams