The Chrome Results Came in Quicker than Expected!

Google-Vs-ChromeAs with all good experiments we need to start by saying of course your results maybe different from mine and from the number of people that rave about one of the test candidates, I would not be surprised if you disagree with my result.

But here goes.

When it comes to content curation Chrome sucks big time.

Hardly a scientific conclusion but it is an issue that I have been pondering for the last few weeks, why does Chrome struggle to load multiple tabs at the same time.

Tonights experiment was hardly taxing, both browsers as the image shows had the same extensions and tabs open and there were only 4 of them.

As part of my content curation and Twitter sharing regime, I allocate each category a time slot in my Twitter schedule, with Personal getting slot 1 and the first 3 time zones, which equates to about 7am your time, if you live in India, UK or the USA.

If that all sounds confusing the image below should clarify what I mean, basically because theHootsuite Bulk Scheduler majority of my Internet traffic comes from these 3 locations which have a time spread of about 11 hours, I am able to deliver the messages at the same local time.

Using time differences to my advantage means the same message can be delivered to these specific locations at the same local time by scheduling the messages appropriately in my local time!

Now as Feedly won my battle of the RSS readers, I now use this to manage my syndicated content and group it into topical categories such as personal interests, WordPress, Video marketing and several others.

Each of these categories as I have said is allocated a dedicated time slot.

So the experiment begun.

My content curation regime consists of opening in new tabs topics I think would be interesting to you whilst reflecting my personal interests. Thus the first 2 tabs were opened for this experiment in both browsers, with Firefox leaping into action and loading each page without issue, interestingly Chrome has still not loaded the second tab yet and it has been over 20 minutes!

Thus whilst Chrome maybe faster to load, for me at least I will switch back to Firefox and leave Chrome to exist as a testing browser alongside IE, Safari and Opera.

By the way if you are interested getting a copy of my Hootsuite Bulk Scheduler and the process I use for content curation then let me know in your comments below.

I am considering putting together a free package of all the spreadsheets and many of the processes I have created and use in my online adventure!