Swipe for Marketing Mastery

Internet trafficBeing a good student could be your downfall.

One of the keys to success that every mentor will recommend is the need to focus.

And the first target is your email inbox.

Unsubscribe they say, focus only on the course and you will succeed they say.

That is so nearly correct.

One of the great things about being mentored by highly successful marketer such as John Thornhill is the company they keep, his fellow marketers are all very generous with the advice they share and one great piece of advice was given freely last week.

This clarified the rules of the email inbox cleanse that so many mentors advise and it all comes down to developing mastery.

Saying farewell to all but the leading lights in your areas of interest is what those mentors meant to say.

And this is what Simon Phillips highlighted in the FB group update.

Swipe for Marketing Mastery

Simon was actually talking about email marketing but his great advice can as you will see be extended to any area of your marketing and online business but for now lets start with…

Email Marketing

As you know, an email comprises several key areas all which need harmonizing to maximize that messages conversion rate.

  • Subject Line
  • Opener
  • Call to Action
  • The Offer
  • Closer

Moreover you should look at the overall campaign construction, how many messages were on the same offer and when were they delivered.

Does this follow the same routine for this marketer?

I feel its important in your analysis to not get too hung up on the words and phraseology used but rather to record the emotions that area stirred by those passages of text. These can then be recorded in a dedicated document for each marketer.

Which highlights an important factor that its wise to only watch a couple of marketers otherwise you will leave yourself with no time for implementation of your new-found marketing mastery.


That same marketer could be highly active on one or more of the social media platforms, if so that is great as you can then get a better picture of how his marketing fits together.

However if they are not that active or they are not one of the leading lights on that networking platform then you may have to find someone else.

Every marketer including you and me has their own skill set and the idea is to understand what they do well and avoid what they do poorly.

So once again, pick a couple of people who are relevant to your area of interest and doing really well.

  • What Networks are they active on
  • What Services do they use to manage their networks.
  • How often do they update and to what schedule.
  • What content types are they using and where are they getting this content from.

The target here is to develop a habit of mastery, an instinct where you are always looking to maximize your performance by learning from those that have a higher level of mastery than yourself.

If this all feels overwhelming then take a step back, decide you are going to develop your marketing skills and approach developing your personal mastery, one step and one bite at a time.



  1. Hi igor,

    I agree with you, analyzing what and how other marketers are working is one of the best ways to learn how to achieve success. As you sais, this is not only true for email marketing, but also for social networking, blogging and all the other areas.

    I wonder why so many marketers suggest to unsubscribe from every other list, rather than suggesting to take the lessons from it. Having stored the emails from some selected marketers can be a great vault for learning as well as inspiration.


    1. The reason I guess is that they know their students are on too many lists and with clumsy teaching they instruct them to miss one of the great free sources of marketing education available to them. The problem comes when we fail to make the brave decision to ignore many successful marketers and learn from just a handful, “what if I pick the wrong ones, what if it turns out….” and so it goes on until you follow every marketer and learn nothing. As I unsubscribed from the lists, I had to keep reminding myself why I was doing it to prevent me from keeping too many people, this internal battle continued until I was down to about 10 people and their lists.

      1. Indeed, first they instruct them to miss those great opportunities to learn from, but then, when some marketer launches another compilation of his best compelling email swipes, they ask them to go and buy.

        In the end their students are recommended to buy stuff what they had before in a much bigger archive for free. 😉

        1. Well hello Torsten, you make a valid point and one I have heard many marketers say. They give away life changing advice on blogs, forums and in emails and those that truly listen pick up on this wealth of information for free whilst others as you point out invest later in the packaged version. It all starts with giving yourself the time to listen.

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