Success is a matter of translation

Success has already been done many times over, so working out how to achieve it should not be a problem.

Oh really, I hear you cry and of course there is a problem with that last statement that you may not want to hear. I consider the biggest barrier to your success is managing the amount of information and opportunities that present themselves.

That problem of course lies at the heart of you and me.

We are not and can never be no matter how hard we try a clone of those who have already achieved success. The person you are following as your guide to success could give you and any other person a simple one sentence task.

And I bet how you approach and complete that task will be different to the method taken by that other person.

This of course all comes down to your translation of the task.

Over the weekend I signed up for PLR Monthly

This is a PLR resource that comes highly recommended by many successful marketers and provides all you need to use the content successfully.

Of course the concern with making this investment was that this PLR material source would like all the rest be stored in my browser bookmarks and be forgotten about.

This of course would lead to the continuation of the cycle where I struggle for site content when in fact I have more material than I could ever publish.

Absolute madness.

So I decided to waste the weekend by solving this riddle in a way that made sense for me.

You can see the result in the image below.

igor griffiths business overview

What this in effect is a graphical solution, where I have grouped all of my resources by niche or function.

This means that my PLR content resources are no longer hidden solely within my browser bookmark folders. Instead they are now in view in a location that relates to their logical position within my online activity.

For me, this provides a solution to the feeling of overwhelm.

It gives me the comfort of seeing an overview of my entire online activity and the resources available to enhance them. As I started by saying, success is a matter of translation and the key is to ensure the translation makes sense to you.

Of course there are many other ways you could and most likely are doing this and it would be great to hear about them.


  1. Hi Igor
    This is a great idea and I must admit I am little envious of such exceptional organisation! I too have the same issue, where I lots of information stored randomly on my PC and also in a tangible format, and it is all in need of being sorted into something logical that I understand. I am sure that this level of organisation will be beneficial for you time management too, as you know exactly where everything is so no need to waste time trying to remember. To me good organisation and good time management both translate into success!
    Good job well done, and something for me to bear in mind…..

    1. Well hello Victoria, thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. This organisation comes out of frustration at having too many things to think about and not being able to see the big picture. Overtime I will evolve this into an overview mindmap that links to the more detailed areas for each section which will truly give me the oversight and easy access to the information I need, at least that is the plan.

  2. igor,

    I would like to congratulate you on your whole site.
    You are doing a very professional job here.

    I believe organization is at the heart of everything otherwise we can end up in a right mess.

    Now that I have said that I need to go away and sort out and document in some way all of the past purchases and free downloads I have on my machine. Thinking about it, this will probably take forever. I may even write a post about it. Ha

    Take care

    1. Well hello Pauline, thanks for taking the time to visit. It took me an entire weekend to arrange my purchases and downloads into a logical order. I would recommend sorting it by areas of interest for future use, for instance creating folders for specific niches like trafffic generation, I have sent you a PM on Facebook with an image of the organisation I created, I cannot share here due to the site policy on links in comments.

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