Success Comes from Keeping it Simple

godzilla.jpgI work primarily as an aircraft electronics technician and recently I have started a new contract on an aircraft type that I have never worked on before, in a role that I have not done for ages.

The fear of getting it wrong at the moment is very prominent in my head, this is an aircraft with far too many buttons with far too many interesting and dire consequences for those around me and myself. Thus when I am asked to press ‘that’ button, you can imagine just how carefully I tread. The fear of getting it wrong is holding me back and slowing my progress, even worse this is slowing the progress of those I am trying to help.

Does this sound familiar

When you are behaving in a timid manner you are far more likely to make mistakes due to focusing on the task rather than the overall outcome, I have seen this for myself where fellow technicians have actually flooded a hangar with fuel because they became so focussed in the task they did not stop to take a look at the overall picture.

If you are traveling through the maze that is Internet Marketing, the fear of getting it wrong is one of the biggest hurdles you have to overcome, yet the truth is that all of those that have gone before you have also made dubious decisions as part of their learning curve.

If you have a golden idea that forms your ‘life’s’ work (at least this phase anyway), why not test out the overall idea in its component parts and ensure when it comes to putting the overall idea in place that you are using the best options.

Regret is a great tool to whip yourself with.


For ages I have been considering closing down my Aweber account but I had a big idea to make an event of it however the big event overtook the actual outcome and prevented it from happening. Thus this week I have bitten the bullet and have finally started the process of closing down my Aweber account. Over the next 7 days, my Aweber subscribers will be receiving offers that will allow them to switch over to my TrafficWave account, I hope they do and but if they do not then all is not lost because I will have a far clearer outlook on my current situation whilst removing one of my major distractions.

The big event centered around a new book but it has become apparent the time to write this was not going to come easy whilst my overall marketing strategy was suffering due to the clutter and distractions.

Thus the new book will wait until I have removed the clutter and created a process and timetable for product creation. This of course will require many different parts and I hope you will join me in testing the water and moving forward with the ideas and processes that we both know work to our strengths.