Stopping the Spam

Spam-stuffedinbox-web_sxc_aynecomMuch as I was tempted, I have resisted in using an image of my beloved SPAM, which forms the core of my daily diet.

I am not sure why they used this term but being British and not having ventured into America since I was a teenager, I can not say whether America Airlines are worth considering as your mode of transport but I can say that my tickets are most certainly not ready!

This was just one in a long line of random, unstoppable messages that at least one of my email accounts has been attacked with.

It was with these emails that I called time on the old way of doing things and decided that perhaps  Randy Cassingham had the right idea after all.

His idea was in response to a marketing technique that started with sending out flyers, these were the ones that Claude C Hopkins recalled response rate tracking in his classic marketing volume, Scientific Advertising. This was in the period just after the Word War 1 and today although the delivery mechanism has altered, all else remains pretty much the same.

Of course the volume has massively increased as the cost of delivery has dropped to almost zero.

Just as in those days when some companies would not take no for answer today similar companies do not even consider your response at all! According to, online spam accounted for just over 70% of all email messages sent, of these 4% contained malicious content designed to harm you or your computer.

That last figure is one we all should stop and consider, 4% of the mail we get battered with each and every day has the potential to destroy our businesses and our relationships regardless whether they are personal or virtual.

Today faced with such an onslaught of both requested and unwanted emails, the problem is how to stop the unwanted emails whilst allowing our friends, business partners and new leads to remain in contact.

You have many  possible options when it comes to email filtering.

Whitelists and Blacklists are one way however you need to think long term. Is managing lists what you came online to do? I most certainly did not, rather we should work smarter not harder.

This is where I return to Randy Cassingham, he proposed a solution in his book, The Internet Spam Primer, that I am now implementing into several of my accounts.

The fantastic thing about his system is that it does not require you to manage lists; use any software you do not already have, master html code and can be scaled up at a speed that suits you.

The entire technique only requires you to insert one more site into your email path, once that is done you will begin to say goodbye to your previous email onslaught.

If you reside in the US, the following link will allow you to get your own copy which at only $3 is a wise decision.

==> The Internet Spam Primer

This book is sold via Amazon so if you live outside of the US, The Internet Spam Primer, will be easily traceable through your own regional Amazon site.

I appreciate that this post appears heavily commercial but as spam is such a problem for all of us, it would be amiss of me to not share this resource that was recommended to me. Of course I also need to respect the livelihood of Randy which is why I have not just shared the content of his book with you.

I hope $3 is not too large an investment for you, when it comes to reclaiming your inbox.