Stop Wasting Time


sxc user – immrchris

Horray I have wasted yet another day

I have been having problems with my site at, every now and again it would be unavailable.

Turns out that my cool IMAP email service was the reason for the failure, this is a very server heavy way of accessing your mail, so I have reverted to POP3 and my visitors can have all the cool features working all of the time.

By the way I got the blog working again thanks to Neuronindia at, this is a great service for getting technical help. Just remember that its a matter of you costing your time against the cash spent on someone who will get the task done, while you are making money to pay for their service.

I wasted the day today looking at using GoogleApps for my email, the setup here is a nightmare, badly written instructions with a walk through site that leaves you confused.

However luckily for me I was able to wake up and realise that the key secret to making money online is

keeping everything simple

Why do I need to add a layer of complexity to a simple service like email, my host receives it and I download it, job done.

Leave all the advanced stuff to the technical departments and watch as their sites fall over, keep it simple and leave it alone when it is working.

Right gotta go as I have not eaten yet, start work in an hour