Stop Thinking too Hard

bang-head_sxc_AvoloreAll too often it’s the simple throw away comments that have the most power.

The most crucial factor in any sites success is obviously its content and how that content engages with and assists its readers.

This is why with a blog it’s so important to stick to a schedule and for a long time I realized I had been doing this all wrong.

Simon Dodd has once again started blogging and mentioned in passing that the content I was reading was written and posted several days earlier then set to go live on a pre-determined date.

Now of course, if you use WordPress you are most probably thinking well duh, that’s why it’s called Scheduled!

But that of course is the point, creating a schedule does not mean that you have to write on those days, it just means that a new piece of content has to go live on that day.

Thus if you are feeling particularly creative one day you can and should use that time to write several posts which then gives you the freedom of several days or weeks, depending upon your publishing schedule, before you must be creative once again.