Staying Alive Online

There is a marketer I know called Martin Avis, who runs a very popular e-zine called the Kickstart Today, he has a very engaging manner both in his writing and on a personal level.

english-gentleman_dreamstimeMartin could be the what the international community considers the typical Englishman, whilst chaos surrounds him, Martin I am sure would remain unfazed and carry on making a cup of tea!

Now the reason for mentioning this is that there seems to a pressure in the Internet Marketing community to create products, after all if you are not creating a product then you are nothing, hence the amount of dross flowing through the pages of Clickbank and all other similar outlets.

Martin makes the point eloquently that you do not need to create your own product to make money online, in fact doing so may actually prevent you from making money online.

You will either be so busy creating or managing the product that you will have little time to ensure you achieve increased growth online via your attraction strategy which ultimately creates the profits that you hope for.

Now I am not saying do not create a product, just do not be fooled into thinking that this is a mandatory step, plenty of marketers spend their time finding the diamonds in the rough and promoting these with a clear conscience. They do not have to worry about the sale, the refund or the on going support all they have to ensure is the product remains true to its values and their links remain valid.

I have actually created 4 ebooks, based around starting an online business which can be seen on my Facebook page, these are all Internet Marketing related and as I have now moved over to TrafficWave, I am reviewing these products and the links within.

What prompted me to do this is that my podcast list has a new subscriber and unfortunately this list has no follow up messages imported yet, not even sure how this person found the opt-in but it is still cool to know that people are liking your information enough to exchange their details.pagenotfound

When it comes to writing follow up messages, I like to go through the ebook and look for knowledge gaps or areas that could be expanded upon, it is also a good time to check the hyperlinks. This is where it went wrong for my Podcast ebook.

As part of closing my Aweber account, I did a bit of domain housekeeping and deleted what appeared to be duplicate or redundant folders and files. One such area contained all the media files for the Podcast ebook.

Luckily however I always use redirect hyperlinks in my ebooks.

A redirect hyperlink, if you are unsure is a link that when clicked goes to a online area to determine the destination URL.

Typically mine look like:

This is an important technique whether you are a product creator or an affiliate.

As a product creator you may recommend other marketers offers within your ebook but perhaps this offer has now closed, or like me you have deleted the folder holding the promised information. Either way your link does nothing but irritate your readers.

You could edit the book and send out the updated version to all your subscribers however unless you add more substantial changes alongside this correction then your readers are going to consider this a scam. They are unlikely to notice a single link change and thus the reason for the new version will feel like a marketing ploy and no one likes to feel manipulated.

Obviously as an affiliate you do not have to worry about your own products but the ethics of those you promote and the currency of their offers needs to be monitored.

With a redirect hyperlink when an offer closes or a marketer goes bad. All you need to do is change the destination URL in the redirect area and your marketing can resume.

The service I use for this is PowerLink Generator created by Mike Filsaime. The benefits of this service are that it lives on your domain which means it is 100% under your control and the redirect database is managed through a clear and simple menu system.

If you are not using redirect hyperlinks in your marketing I recommend that you do, as these will allow you to manage all of your promotional hyperlinks from one place

My media files have just finished uploading and as the redirect hyperlink has been changed, when I click on the link in the ebook you are able to obtain the promised information. Time to send a message to the subscribers about this change and if any do not get this message then I know that the link in their ebook now works.

There are alternatives to the system I mention but all that matters is that you use one that is 100% under your control, otherwise you are not securing anything.