Started Doing As I am Told

meerkat-pack-web_sxc_GermanGirl_thumb.jpgOn mothers day, it is a good day to start doing as you are told, however I am 38 and live well away from my mum, so I am having to use Sean Mize as my surrogate mother, at least in the fact that I am now doing as he asks!

He has just opened a new site called ‘Internet Marketing Training Web Site – By You and For You‘ where he shows you all the steps to become a success online.

So far he has got me to create a new capture page, which you can see here, Discover How to Use Social Network Marketing for Your Success

I have wasted 4 years online drifting and creating disjointed projects that are all still there, waiting for me to get them all working together under one strategy. It is early days, but after the many discussions that I have had with Sean I am confident that this is going to be my breakthrough year.

I have said if before, but this time I really mean it….see you in Vegas soon